annoying quiz ftw.

Right now I am: In pain, sick, and ready to do this damned long quiz.

– Available: I’m taken by a fictional character. But if a real person came along I just might set Guybrush down and hang out IRL. 🙂
– Age: Fourteen but sometimes I forget and say I’m fifteen.
– Annoyance: When people interrupt me, assume stuff about me or my friends , when people tell me that and why my opinions are wrong.
– Animal: I like when penguins waddle. I also like when ostriches run. So those two, I suppose. But monkeys will always be the balls.
– Actor: Adam Sandler. And I really like Tobey Maguire. Whose, by the way, parents were unwed and ages 18 and 20 when he was born. That’s the way to live, friends.
– Actress: Ohmygod so many; here are some: Scarlett Johansson (although I always have to check Google on how to spell her name), Kirsten Dunst, Amanda Bynes (sometimes), Thora Birch, Reese Witherspoon, and *shame* Lindsay Lohan.

– Beer:  If it tasted better.
– Birthday/Birthplace: July 5th, 1994. Wisconsin.
– Best Friends: Marissa-Alexis. And sometimes Sammi. Sometimes.
– Body Part on the opposite sex: Legs. I really dig me some legs.
– Best feeling in the world: Biking. Free to think about whatever, free to do whatever, and the wind blows through my hair.
– Best weather: Well there’s two instances I can’t get enough of: a) right after it rains b) a bright sunny day without stupid-ass snow on the ground.
– Been on stage?: Yeah. A few times when moving props in Stage Crew, and once for an acting audition which I bombed by acting like a 98-year-old smoker. The kids loved me but sadly the judges didn’t. I don’t think pageants would be my calling, much less acting.
– Believe in yourself?: Sometimes.
– Believe in life on other planets: Yes. People are stupid when they say “no”. How arrogant are we to believe that we’re the ONLY life form out there? We’re so stupid and we only last 100 years.
– Believe in miracles: Nope.
– Believe in Magic: Yes. Completely.
– Believe in Religion: I don’t have a religion, but I do believe and realize and NOTICE that there are in fact other religions out there. Badly phrased question.
– Believe in Santa: Nope.
– Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Yes, completely. I think people are yet again stupid when they don’t.

– Car: I sometimes drive my family’s never-used-except-when-siblings-come-home van that’s been in more accidents than years I’ve lived. It’s a minivan. It’s turquoise. It sucks so much it rules.
– Candy: I can’t even begin to answer this question. (yes)
– Cried in school: Yeah, like last week. Wednesday, but from sickness. For regular reasons, I think it was like first grade and I threw up in the bathroom. Oh wait, that’s sickness too. Well then, none that I can apparently remember!
– Chocolate/Vanilla:  CHOCOLATEEEEEEee.
– Chinese/Mexican:  Chinese. Duh.
– Cake or pie: Pie is gross. Cake.
– Country to visit: Britain, Norway, Australia, and Iceland.

– Day or Night: I love both, but right now I’d kill for constant daytime.
– Dream vehicle: A 50s style bicycle. (will open in new window)
– Dance: I’m white. We can’t dance.
– Dance in the rain?:  Yes, and like Marissa I like to bike in the rain. And sing in the rain (movie rules btw), and cry in the rain, and laugh in the rain. I’d love to kiss in the rain but there’s a few things you need for that and they are a boy and rain and I don’t have either right now.
– Do the splits?: I could a few years ago. Lemme try / I fail. My crotch was  about two feet off the ground.

– Eggs:  Pukeage occures when consumed.
– Eyes: Are greenish blue. I look nasty without my glasses though, and bad with because these don’t have frames. I need frames. Now.
– Everyone has a:  special private part used for fun and reproduction. Yep, that’s right, an eyeball!
– Ever failed a class?: BAHAHA yes I’m failing .. hmm, two? right now. 9th grade can go do a mother for all I care. (harsh words, I know)

– First crush: Rafael something in junior kindergarden. And then in second grade, Mitchell Muskeko. And Josh S from first to fifth grade.
– Full name:  Toast Nora Pat Veseth-Rogers-Marley-Threepwood.
– First thoughts waking up: “My butt itches.” but this is sometimes spoken aloud, much to the alarm of my mom.

– Greatest Fear(s): That I will live for a very long time.
– Goals: To stick it to the man!
– Gum: The traditional bubblegum, but mint is nice after a meal.
– Get along with your parents?: One of them. And that’s only some of the time. So no.
– Good luck charm: Yet to find.

– Hair Color: I dye it; brown.
– Height: Five feet threeish inches.
– Happy: Some of the time.
– Holiday: Fourth of July (day before my birthday) and Halloween. BITCHESSSSSS! I don’t know why that “bitches” was needed. Apologies.
– How do you want to die: In a very traumatic event; something that goes on the news and people remember forever and that scars many people. Preferably an explosion or some freak car accident. Or a random scary illness. Nothing stupid like “I wanna die in my sleep!” DUMB! No one remembers how you were born and they rarely remember how they lived your life. But your death, boyee! I can’t wait to do something ridiculous and have a spectacular finish. Out with a BANG!
– Health freak?:  Bahahahahahhaha no. I eat crap all day.
– Hate: goody two-shoesies. And stupid people; they can go … do a mother! (hahah I’m sucky at the insulting. My sword is still sharper than my wit, sadly.)

– Ice Cream: I love itttt.
– Instrument: I can play my recorder and a bit of piano. Used to play cello and I’ve played a saxophone before. I really want to get a guitar and learn that. I hate wind instruments though.

– Jewelery: Rarely.
– Job: (below average) student.

– Kids: Sure; before I’m 30 though.
– Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing. Jab, cross, swing?, uppercut, it all kicks ass. Literally. 😀
– Keep a journal?: Sometimes. It comes and it goes, like blogging.

– Longest Car Ride: When we went to Nashville, previously mentioned.
– Love: I would love it. LOVE it. I would love to love. (ha?)
– Letter(s): Q, X, Y, Z, V, nd sometimes W.
– Laughed so hard you cried: Today. MY best friend is hilariously amazing 🙂
– Love at first sight: No. Whoever thought that up is a male chauvinist pig and needs to go f a dog in the ass (yes I am slightly quoting that song).

– Milk flavor: Root Beer flavored milk at the State Fair. (Marissa wrote that but it’s totally true for me too.)
– Movie: I love movies. There’s a million but some of my favorites are BACK TO THE FUTURE (I, II, and III), Indiana Jones (minus the crappy-ass fourth), STAR WARS(I, II, III, IV, V, VI), Stranger Than Fiction, 50 First Dates, Pleasantville, American Beauty, Now and Then, Titanic, The Notebook. And a millllllion others.
– Mooned anyone?: *blushes* Yeah.
– Marriage: Not sure.
– Motion sickness?: When I go on swings, thanks to f-ing Demon Child (Remind me to tell you that later).
– McD’s or BK: I love McDonalds. I’m such a 90s kid. BK can run off and get his parts removed so he can’t reproduce, that pile of stench-filled cheesey hell.

– Number of Siblings: Two. A brother and a sister.
– Number of Piercings: Two, in my ears.
– Number: 5 and 78.9 (hahah that’s a punchline to a very corny joke)

– Overused Phrases: “That’s What She Said”. I officially hate that phrase because it’s used so much.
– One phobia:  I hate hate hate hate spiders. Arachnaphobia. And is there a “fear of stupid people”?  / Okay I just looked it up: Dumasaphobia. I HAVE DUMASAPHOBIA!

– Place you’d like to live: Nashville, TN or somewhere in NW Indiana.
– Perfect Pizza: No  toppings. No cheese. The bread and then the sauce. I’m not a picky eater, I just always scrape off the cheese so why waste it?
– Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi.

– Quail: I looked this up and it said something along the lines of “small bird” and then “sland for woman/girl”. Are asking me what is my favorite girl or type of girl? Favorite girl is my best friend Marissa and, if I may quote her, I mean this in “a totally non-lesbionic way”. 🙂 If you are asking my my favorite type of girl is, it would be the really unique ones. This does not mean I am attracted to girls, because I don’t like vagina in that way. Thanks for asking, stupid and not-phrased-well question!

– Reason to cry: There’s too many to count, friend.
– Reality T.V.: Kill me first.
– Radio Station: Whatever plays 70s, 80s, and 90s rock.
– Roll your tongue in a circle?: Yep.

– Song: I’m not that into music, but Spice Girls, Rascal Flatts, and 80s, 90s and 70s music do kick ass.
– Salad:  Dressing would be Italian. I don’t know types of salad but I do love salad, haha.
– Shrimp?: When cooked and dipped in stuff or sprinkled on Ramen.
– Sport?: I must side with Marissa on this one; Quidditch.
– Skipped school: Who hasn’t? (Get them on the phone. NOW!)
– Slept outside: Only once, at this girl “Elisabeth” (Bethany)’s house in this massive tent for an inexplicable reason.
– Seen a dead body?:  No, but it would be amazing for me.
– Shower Daily?: Yes. Ew, I wonder what kind of people answer this question with a “no”!
– Sing well?: I don’t know. Marissa? (comment?)
– Stuffed Animals?: Yeah I love them. They talk. I make them talk when they don’t want to (I talk for them). I have a billion and three.
– Single/Group dates: Um. Haven’t really been on any of those.
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries.
– Scientists need to invent: Time machines. Please.

– Time for bed: Usually around 10.
– Thunderstorms: Are calming and make my heart thud in a non-horny way.
– TV: Don’t watch much, and what I do watch is online; That 70s Show, House, Pushing Dasies.
– Touch your tongue to your nose?: I wish too.

– Unpredictable: I’m the same boring person all day and everyday. Tell me if otherwise because I’d love to know how I’m “unpredictable”.

– Vegetable you love: Tomatoes. And REGULAR GOOD CRISPY SALAD GODDAMNIT!
– Vacation spot: I don’t vacate.

– Weakness: Oreo McFlurries at Mickey D’s (90s kid!!).
– When you grow up:

I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys’ R Us kid
There’s a million toys at Toys ‘R Us that I can play with!
From bikes, to trains, to video games,
It’s the biggest toy store there is! Gee whiz!
I don’t want to grow, ’cause baby if I did,
I wouldn’t be a Toys ‘R Us kid!

– Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: None.
– Who makes you laugh the most: Marissa. She’s fucking hilarious, you really should meet her unidentified interrogator!
– Worst feeling: When people don’t like me.
– Wanted to be a model: NONONONONONONO. Fuck no!
– Worst weather: Cold. The cold. I hate the fucking cold.

-X-Ray: I have the vision, boys! 😀 Ohmygod that was creepy. BAHAHAHAHHAAHA I’M A CREEPER! But I’ve gotten a cat scan!

-Year now?: 2009.
-Yellow: It’s pretty when in sunlight but not in the toilet.

– Zoo animal: I hate zoos.
– Zodiac sign: Cancer.

Last person who:
– Saw you cry: Hammy, my stuffed animal.
– Went to the movies with you: God, it’s been a while. Probably my church friends Holly and Taylor.
– You went to the mall with: It’s also been a while .. and again, Holly and Taylor. They’re mallaholics.
– Went to dinner with: ALSO been a while …  Holly’s family bought me McDonald’s a few weeks ago, but that wasn’t really “going to dinner”. Hmm. My parents, around last June. That’s the latest I can remember.
– Talked to on the phone: Marissa. An hour or so ago.
– Made you laugh:Marissa 😀

THIS TOOK A FUCKING LONG TIME. I hope you enjoy it, noviewers.



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  1. As I have already polluted your AIM window with thoughts on this quiz, all I am going to say is:
    A lot of our answers are very different.
    bff ❤

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