old food in my room.

Right now I am: itchy.

I do not have very good hygiene when it comes to my room. Even ask Marissa.

I am gross because right now in my room there is:

  • one cup half-filled with sprite
  • a three-day old banana peel
  • a microwave plate with very very hard noodles on it and some butter which is now blue
  • a bowl of ice cream. the ice cream is like bouncy jello now.
  • three gatorade bottles with juice still inside
  • underwear from like 6th grade. it’s gross-smelling.
  • a spoon
  • a fork
  • a root beer bottle from december
  • six granola bar wrappers
  • a pringles can with spilled and crunched chips on the ground
  • oh, just found another granola wrapper

Isn’t that disgusting? I really need to … clean up and make a plan for keeping this shit out of my room. There have been two instances (in warm weather months, which is why it hasn’t happened now [cold in WI]) where fruit flies have attacked my room, reproduced, and stuck around for weeks. I couldn’t sleep in here. I couldn’t walk in the room without them attacking me. Every time I put something down they would swarm up and fly in my face. I would be watching a movie on my computer and they would sit on the screen so it looked like every character had really bad blackheads.

I am getting itchy just thinking about it.

Sorry to fill your head with nasty bugs, but I’m sickly reminiscing.



~ by junkinmahcranium on March 2, 2009.

One Response to “old food in my room.”

  1. oh, Toast. That is truly disgusting.

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