Right now I am: annoyed.

If you are in a library (as hopefully all of you reading have done before), the number one and most obvious rule is to be quiet. If you’re a little kid that’s one thing; they can just post signs with “Silence Please!” on them or something. But if you are in high school, you automatically know that when you enter a library you are to shut the hell up. And shutting the hell up does include talking on your cell phone. So now I have written this letter:

Dear KidInTheBlueShirt,

I know you needed to talk to your friend, Alvin. And I know this “party at the book place” was really important to you, but I was wondering if next time you’re being an arrogant asshole, could you please keep the volume down? Not everyone wants to hear that “that hot chick from Algebra” is across the room. And guess what? “That hot chick from Algebra” can hear you and is now glaring at your fat, ugly head. She does not think you are cool or funny and will now remember you as such. So any plans you had for going out with her or doing her at a party later in your high school experience went out the window. And then there’s me. Lowly old me, sitting in a computer chair working on a speech due tomorrow. Do I need to hear your loud, nasally voice? Not above a whisper I don’t! And nor do I want to.  I want you to sit your ass in that chair and to please stop printing off pictures of casinos and Shakira. You have now printed about 80 sheets of paper. From my research of looking, they are fliers that say how hot she is. But guess what? EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS THAT! So you printing off all these sheets while screaming to your friend is of no help to anyone around you. Danielle just wants to do her speech on Martin Luther King Jr. and that girl in my English class just wants to read her book on cats. And “that hot chick from Algebra” wants to re-do her test for full points, but now she is distracted from the thought of your terrible blue t-shirt proclaiming her skankiness! Just shut up! Go away! And turn off the damned cell phone in the library.

With no love at all,


And that goes for everyone. Please. Don’t make me come bitch you out.



~ by junkinmahcranium on March 5, 2009.

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