it’s none of their business

Right now I am: tired but in a rant-i-ful mood.

I do not like it when people get involved with

a) something that doesn’t concern them at all

b) something they have no idea about and

c) something far too great or intelligent enough for them to understand

Today I shall talk about a and b but another day can be devoted to c. Right now I am chatting with this chick on Facebook. ¬†She is acting as if she knows everything about me and my personal life and it is very annoying. I wish people would just go away when they don’t know about a topic. Or if they’re really¬†that interested, they should ask me stuff about it instead of pretending they know it all. Because they just come off sounding like arrogant assholes.

That’s all for tonight. Happy moontrails to you.



~ by junkinmahcranium on March 6, 2009.

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