Right now I am: fidgety and uncomfortable.


It very much bothers me when people are inconsiderate.

If you sense a rant coming on, you are right. And guess what else? I’m in the library again.


Dear IThoughtWeWereFriends,

I do not understand why, if I wave and say “hello” to you, why you cannot just wave and say “hello” back! Hell, you don’t even have to open your lazy mouth. You can just wave, or smile. Even a hostile grunt in my direction would be preferred over the dismissave ignorance I had set upon my kindhearted gesture. From now on, should I just ignore you when I see you in the hallways? I mean, we talk a lot in classes and we’ve chatted up through texting before. I wouldn’t call us BFFs but we’re not enemies either, so … what’s the problem? Did I do something wrong? Have these three minutes since speech class bricked up our friendship? You know what, I’m not even in the mood to write to you anymore. But guess what? I’m going to be the bigger person. When I see you, I will still smile and wave and say “hello”. I will not be an oblivious prick while walking alone and will be cheery and nice to any who I talk to regularly. And that, sadly, includes you. I will be compassionate towards you when you wouldn’t have given me the time. Thank you for letting me realize the truth about you!


PS. If I was a bit dramatic, excuse me. I’ve got theatre on the brain.



And that’s all for today.




~ by junkinmahcranium on March 9, 2009.

One Response to “consideration”

  1. Oh my god, this is great. And you know why? BECAUSE I WAS THINKING ABOUT THE SAME THING TODAY. Okay, seriously, WTF is wrong with people? Regardless of “how good of friends” you care, if someone SMILES AND WAVES AT YOU, smile back. SERIOUSLY. Okay, I get it if you are having a bad day or something, but every time I smile at you?
    You are just the reason that I am losing more hope in mankind each and every day.

    …okay, there is my mini-rant. And I’m not actually losing that much hope in mankind because I DO know people who are good and sweet and kind and all that love and compassion I feel towards THEM just overpowers the stupid idiots who won’t give the time of day to be nice, which is apparently uncool now.

    ❤ bff.

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