my thoughts at this exact moment in time

Just let Aleesha and Marta do it! My stomach itches. Lemme crack my … damnit, I just cracked my back. I can’t do it for another three hours. Shiz, it could really use a good crack. Oh wait, I got a little snap out of it. Yesss. Heart and Soul, I fell in love with you, badabaaaa, ba da ba da ba da baaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaa, ba da ba da ba daaaaaaaa. That lamp needs a new bulb. Ooh, tie-dye, I should do that soon. I should make Guybrush merchandise soon. How do you spell merchandise? Is it dice? I think I have some good dice downstairs. Wait, is dice the plural or is die the plural? I never know with irregulars. Ohmygod I just remembered that Cry Me a Verb video on YouTube, “and then the irregularsssss”. Haha that was funny. My hair is tickling my face.  Damn hair. I touched it now it’s staticky. Okay, let me just …. *puts hair completely inside hat* Now I look like a man. At least I have a flat chest! I do not like ____(insert whore here). I miss my grandma. I miss Steven. No do not publish immediatly. Where is Marissa? Is she done with that damned paper yet? Shit, someone just messaged me on Facebook. Who is it? DAMNIT IT’S THE GIRL ARRESTED FOR TEXTING. God she’s annoying. Why did a popular chick write on my Wall? My god, my art teacher is a bitch. I’m in a sweary mood today. HarryPotttttttter. Justin Fletcher sounded hot, but a bit pudgy. I can do pudgy. That came out wrong, but funny. I mean, I really could DO pudgy. But I wouldn’t want to be pudgy. I can’t stand it when my skin touches other skin, like in a roll … ugh, such an uncomfortable feeling. Let me suck in my stomach now so that stops happening. Ugh, I have to pull down my shirt because the collar is touching my neck. I hate that feeling. I hate the texture of paper towels, I can’t stand it when I rub my finger on it .. god it’s terrible. I’m hot. My throat hurts. I think my bra just broke. *fixes* That’s the third time in a day. MY HAIR FELL OUT GD IT. I love the taste of glue. Is there any around? *spots glue wedge* YES. YES YES YES. *nibbles* Ahhh. Glue. Okay no more glue, ew. I want some root beer. I miss my sister. I want summer right now. I want to be a gypsy. I need to go research some stuff now, goodbye. Ow the nice smelly marker hurts me hand when it rolls around. Ooo, nail clippers. Gotta go for sure.


PS. I think I have ADHD. While typing there was a million more thoughts jumping from thing to thing.


~ by junkinmahcranium on March 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “my thoughts at this exact moment in time”

    I am sitting her LMAO and my mom is reading my essay and looking at me.

  2. *here

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