stupid teacher.

Right now I am: angry and highly annoyed.


For anyone who did not witness the aggravating event in Algebra today, let me just fill you in: I was sitting there, writing a friend whose circumstances cannot be talked about (but it was important I write her). My stupid Algebra teacher comes over to me (mind you, he hadn’t even started the lesson yet; we were just doing a warmup activity, which I had already finished) and tells me to “put that weird notebook away”. I say “alright” and put my completed worksheet on top of it and sit there, doodling. He walks around the table and looks over my shoulder. He grabs the notebook and I hold onto it from the other end. He glances down and sees his name (I had merely said I was in his class, and then started to go on a tangent about a dream I had had) and says “Mr ___(his name)! What’s that about?!” and I said “I said I was in your class”. He narrows his beady little eyes and remarks, “This sounds highly innappropriate. I’m going to have to take this.” He starts to pull it away but I am still holding onto it. I ask, “WHY?” and he says stupidly, “Because it looks innappropriate.” I tell him that it is not inappropriate and he snatches it away. Damn his demon grip.

Later, when we are working on the homework in class (again, I have finished it) and he’s around my table, I call him over. “Mr ____,” I say, “Can I please have my personal property that I purchased myself back, please?” and he goes “It looked innappropriate so…no.” He walks away. A bit later he comes near me again and I ask, “WHEN can I have back MY stuff?” and he says “Hmm…why don’t you come back after school?” and I say fine but ask him why he took it in the first place. He repeats that STUPID PHRASE AGAIN(suppose he’s never heard of a synonym), “It looked innappropriate.” I tell him, “Mr ___, 1) it is NOT innappropriate. 2) You told me to put it away and I did so I don’t see why I should be penalized for that.” He nods and says “That’s true. Just come after school for it.”

SO! I go to the jerk’s room after school, and guess what I find? THE ROOM IS LOCKED AND THE LIGHTS ARE OFF AND NO ONE IS FLUGGING THERE. I get very angry and storm down to the main office, haughtily (but somewhat politely given my mood) ask for Mr ____. They call him through the loudspeaker. He calls back and tells them that one of the guidance/”you’re in trouble” counselors has it(I think this man is a vice or assistant principal or something. Let’s call him Mr Q). So, I walk into Mr Q’s office. He is not there. I see the notebook on his desk. I tell one of those nice office ladies that I see the notebook. They tell me I may go ahead and get it. I grab the notebook and stalk off. As I’m opening the door, the school police officer, Officer G, passes me by and says “hello!” cheerily like he always does. I say “hello” back and walk swiftly away. I AM ALMOST TO THE DOOR (ugh) when the lady and Officer G call me back with a “WAIT! GIRL! Um, what’s her name? (she then incorrectly sprays my name out) COME BACK!”. I turn, mutter “shit” and walk back to them. “Yes?” I ask and they tell me that I need to talk to Mr Q about the notebook before I go. They ask me to wait but I can’t because my sister is probably honking the horn outside. I tell them so and they take the notebook back.

I AM SO FLUGGING ANGRY. I HATE OUR SCHOOL AND ITS SYSTEM. They cannot take away my possessions like that, promise to give them back at a designated time (without telling me I’d have to talk to some loser counselor first), then keep the possession anyways … CAN THEY?


I’m going into Mr ___’s office ASAP tomorrow morning to bitch that man out. GD it.

A very angry Toast.


~ by junkinmahcranium on March 16, 2009.

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