when authors write back

Right now I am: thinking thinking thinking hard.


 I love it very much when authors write you back. Recently, my friend Riley wrote to the author ( Jay Asher ) of 13 Reasons Why. Mr Asher emailed him back saying he would send stuff in the mail. If you’ve read the book, you know that there includes tapes written on in blue nail polish, and a map pointing out locations of the people who betrayed her(her being the dead antagonist, Hannah). So a few days ago Riley got this package in the mail which included THE MAP TALKED ABOUT and a tape written on in blue nail polish! I didn’t even receive it myself but I was ecstatic; in the past, I had never bothered writing to authors because I had always heard that they never write back; that they just throw aside fanmail and let the secretaries answer it. So I was very happy and intrigued that this particular author decided to write back.

Authors who do that are really concerned and curious about their readers. Most of the usual, big-time authors say they care about the fans. If they did, they should write back every single one, even without sending things in the mail.

If you haven’t read Jay Asher’s book, I think you should, because he really is a spectacular guy. The tape Riley got included Q’s and A’s with Jay Asher himself. The package also included a personal letter.

The book is really amazing. Here’s the summary (includes where you can buy it from Amazon).


I would write more but I’m in class and have no time left. Bye!


~ by junkinmahcranium on March 18, 2009.

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