harry potter vs shitlight

How do people even DARE to compare Twilight with Harry Potter? Do they not realize that Twilight has no plot, is terribly written, lacks depth and understanding, morales and feelings; while Harry Potter has all of these things? Do they not know that Harry Potter has sold more than the Bible, more than the Christian Bible with which so many people base their lives completely on, but is TROUNCED by the brilliant, awe-inspiring works of Jo Rowling!?

There is a girl in my English Class who insists that Harry Potter’s greatest use is to be placed under a wobbly table leg. I wished I could perform petrificus totalus on her right then, then put a Bat-Bogey hex on her as well. The only thing rubbish like Twilight is good for is sopping up the tears of it’s (sadly) many thronging admirers, most of whom are desperate, lonely teenage hags who just want a noble vampire boyfriend to carry them through the forest to play some thunder-lightening baseball. (It’s also become a good coaster for me; the thickness of it soaks up the water well and also causes the grammatically incorrect- and simplistic words to swarm before the eyes like a grist of angry bees; except Twilight is not even worthy of the amazingness of bees; more like swarms of locusts, disgusting, vile, nauseating creatures which much resemble that Bella chick herself)

IF YOU CAN’T TELL, I DO NOT LIKE TWILIGHT AT ALL. I do not like people who insist it is better than Harry Potter. Edward, Bella, and Alice have nothing on Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Laurent and James and that red-haired woman have absolutely no shred of EVIL at all on Voldemort and his Death Eaters, like Bellatrix and the Malfoys. I wish that people just stop this annoying, incessent argument, because there is nothing in common with either of these books, and there never will be. There is also no need to compare them because Twilight will never be higher on the todom pole than Harry Potter, unless of course the todom pole is for World’s Worst Literature.

Thank you, JK Rowling, for writing such amazing, inspiring books. I hope that Stephanie Meyer woman has and will learn a thing or to from Ms(Mrs?) Rowling. I hope Ms(Mrs?) Meyer realizes that she is in no way, and never will be, as good and spectacular as the glorious, virtuous JK Rowling.

I end.



~ by junkinmahcranium on March 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “harry potter vs shitlight”

  1. Wooo hoooo! I agree with a lot of the aspects of this blog, although not to that much of an extreme. I mean, I don’t hate Twilight (its certainly not my favorite book in the world) and I don’t really dislike people because they prefer Twilight over our glorious boy wizard, but I agree with the gist of it.
    Harry Potter is for the more literate, more sophisticated brand of children, teens, and adults. And Twilight is for the slightly less literate, primarily girl teenagers and … that’s really it. I mean, HP has brought people of all ages, genders, and races together and Twilight … just gives teenage/preteen girls unrealistic expectations of life and love.
    But, one good thing about Twilight is that it has been proven to make teenage girls who has hated reading in the past like reading a whole lot more and even make them more likely to pick up a book in the future. Which is great. I mean, maybe they’ll even find HP after reading Twilight and hearing the (although false) comparisons to Harry! That would be pretty damn awesome.

  2. Wow, you sounded like a harsh rattle snake there. But I’ll tell you one thing there buddy. I’m a fan of Harry Potter too. Read all of its series and watched its movie like countless times. I praise J. K Rowling for the wonderful work, but I didn’t praise her by insulting other author. It’s not Stephanie Meyer’s fault that she wrote the book and get famous, don’t it? Don’t take it out on the books and the author. I bet even Joanne Rowling herself never said anything about being better than anyone, why should us?

  3. Sorry, forgot my link…

  4. In my view there is no such competition between twilight and harry potter series…u know they are such a different books,written in entirely different styles,have different themes.The thing is that this is a second big hit after harry potter series.After reading HP series people actually desire for more and Twilight series fullfill this desire.Thats how things go. I am not a teen age girl but i like harry potter and twilight series equally.its fun to read good books. : )

  5. I love how u start out that you hate it when ppl compare the two books, than you compare them yourself. i personally prefer Twilight. I could never get into Harry Potter. I have troubles getting into books that are fantasy, unless they are an easy read, which Twilight is. I do not think that Twilight is better than Harry Potter. When it comes to how they are written Harry Potter is definatly higher up there. But i do PREFER Twilight over Harry Potter. I don’t agree with obsession over any book. I know someone who has changed there whole wardrobe to fit with Twilight, that is very ridculous. I agree with Marissa’s reasoning on how it has helped some readers start reading. Several people in my school hated reading now love it, thanks to Twilight.

    I have no idea if this comment makes sense, and i’m to lazy to read over it. Just ask if somthing doesn’t make sense.

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