ron and hermione are beautiful

Right now I am: thinking about fighting and love and how they’re related.


In the sixth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger’s ever-obvious love is totally escalating. Although I’ve read the book(s) before, the part I am at now is where Ron continues to snog that horrid Lavender girl and Hermione goes out with random people, and continues to mock him with “Won-Won!”. hahha, Hermone absolutely PWNs with her revenge in this book. I just can’t wait until they kiss. I love love love them together.


ANYWAYS! Let me rant about this terrible Lavender girl. She doesn’t even  talk to Ron, as he points out to Harry; they just SNOG! SNOG! As if Hermione would sit there for hours, entagled in Ron’s luscious red hair, making out. They could have great discussions! Hell, they could bicker, which we all know they love to do (and, after all, isn’t it really flirting underneath all the fighting? 🙂 ). Or, I suppose they could kiss. Ha. But … God, they’re just awfully cute together.

In one realm of mind, I wish that their romance had started and developed more earlier on; in the other I know that it’s wonderful it took so long because now it can become so fiery and passionate and I will die if I don’t get more.

Sometimes I think that Ron and Hermione should just have their own little book on the side, but in my heart I know that would ruin the series. I just wish there was MORE, more than that (pardon me for saying so) pathetic little epilogue at the end of Deathly Hallows, where they have a kid or whatever. Where is the ending? That is nothing! That is not even a glimpse into their lives at all.

Does Hermione ever continue S.P.E.W, by the way, if anyone knows? It’s mentioned once, I think, in the middleish of the fifth book … but after that, I haven’t really seen it! It’s so sad, I was really supportive of Hermione’s elf right campaign. I am one for equal rights and I think her attempts could have been great someday … maybe just with a different creature perhaps? Because elves do love the fact that they can serve a master. I mean, if you’ve read the books, you’ve read the parts in the kitchens where the elves were just squealing with glee, bending their noses to the floor, to make food for the eminent trio.


WHAT! NOOO! I GOT OFF TRACK! That’s a “shocker”. Anyways, Ron and Hermione are beautiful and have such a startling pure amour and I hope very much that that could continue. I suppose not. 😦





~ by junkinmahcranium on March 23, 2009.

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