and the pointless, unworthy class continues

Right now I am: sitting in Speech class, not working on and not giving a speech. What is the point?


What is the point of being in a class if you are not going to work on things related to the class? Like right now, what am I doing? I am sitting here writing another godforsaken blog entry on my little website. Whee-whoo. What should I be doing? Nothing. That is my point exactly.

WHAT IS THE POINT of going to class if we just get free reign? I mean, this would be one thing if my seventh hour class was a study hall. But is it? I think not. This is Speech class. If I’m not up there on the podium giving a speech or I’m not sitting in the lecture hall, listening to a speech, then I should damn well be sitting here on my computer, working on a speech.

I do not like it when I go to a class, any class for that matter, and we do absolutely nothing.

It’s like going to Algebra and sitting there, reading.

It’s like going to English and sitting there, twiddling my flugging thumbs.

It’s like going to History and DOODLING! Granted, I do that anyways in History, but at least there is something assigned! At least there is a project to work on or homework to do! Right now in Speech class there is nothing, and we are in a computer lab for nothing.


Sometimes, the curriculum is annoying because there’s too much on it. Now it’s annoying because there is nothing on it.





~ by junkinmahcranium on March 30, 2009.

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