appointments! KEEP them, please!

Right now I am: aggravated, agitated, and infuriated (thank you CMI Insult Swordfighting).


People. Hello.

This week in my yearbook class (technical name is something like “Journalistic Expressions”. Blah blah blah. It’s yearbook class) we have moved on from the world of spread-making to the enchanting universe of article writing. “You’ll be writing articles for the school newspaper” the teacher tells us. Too bad no one reads the school newspaper.

Anyways, my article assignment was to attend and write about this three-on-three basketball tournament that took place just this past weekend, and also to snap some pictures. I did so; with many tears, must I say. But this week I’ve noticed that I still need for information! So I arranged with a teacher (who has three of the girls who organized the event) to have one of the girls talk to me after school.

The teacher reminded her yesterday.

The teacher reminded her today.

I show up after school with my notebook ready, open; my pen poised.

She never showed up.


I do not like it when people make appointments and don’t show up! I was waiting there for about twenty minutes. And this article is very important to my grade and my class and my rep in that class. So I get angry when people say they will be somewhere and then DON’T SHOW UP.





~ by junkinmahcranium on March 31, 2009.

One Response to “appointments! KEEP them, please!”

  1. DUDE, SERIOUSLY, THAT SUCKS. Especially since she couldn’t answer your questions at the actual event.

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