it’s lechuck!




Why yes. It’s LeChuck. The evil zombie pirate, Guybrush’s mortal enemy, and the not-really-human-man whose love for Elayne Marley(-Threepwood) will never be fully vanquished.
Let me confess something … I love LeChuck. He’s adorable. He’s hilarious. If I were Elayne I would have taken him years ago! He’s so sweet, always thinking up “evil plots” to get her to marry him. Why shouldn’t she? Sometimes I think guys who try that hard deserve to be LOVED!
So, sure, he killed Captain Marley’s whole crew and tortured Captain Marley himself into insanity. And sure, he broke Minnie Goodsoup’s heart in order to steal her family diamond and sell it in exchange for a ship. And sure, he’s tortured poor Wally countless times in order to get to Guybrush, but it was all out of love for Elayne! Doesn’t that count for something?


~ by junkinmahcranium on April 3, 2009.

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