shift vs. capslock

I have a question for you one or two-ish readers, and it’s based off my own experiences.

When you type in all capital letters (whether it be in an AIM conversation, or in a letter or something, or you’re just emphasizing something), do you click CAPSLOCK and then type your big message, or do you hold down the SHIFT key?

I’ve always held down the SHIFT key, but about a year ago I typed a whole paragraph in caps and then my pinky (holding down the SHIFT key) began to hurt. That’s when I realized that I did that!

Is everyone as weird as me?


~ by junkinmahcranium on April 11, 2009.

One Response to “shift vs. capslock”

  1. I do that as well.
    But sometimes, if I am REALLY excited, I’ll just keep it on caps.

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