pennies, nickels, dice, a gameboy, a rusty pen, and a strange odor.

Those are the things present in this little nook of a computer right now, and here they are again, in case you’re incapable of glancing up and reading a simple title:

  • some pennies
  • some nickels
  • two dice
  • a gameboy
  • a rusty pen
  • and a strange odor

I am ridiculously aggravated right now by several things. I’m enjoying lists at the moment. Please bear with me as I plunge foreward into LISTDOM!!!!

Item 1: Money

Besides talking about how in general, I have none (who doesn’t?), I mean the amount of change in my ballerina sock right now. Yes, I had to pay Marissa back, but did those jerks in my speech class really have to take my sock away, and the remaining $0.75 that remained? Now all that’s left is two nickels and four pennies. Not that I could buy much with $0.89, but I could buy more than I could with $0.14. Plus, that money was mine. I earned it (scrounging for lost gold between the seat cushions in our couch), they didn’t. I hate immature kids sometimes.


Item 2: Tripping.

No, I am not talking about that ghettofied term of being upset over insignificant details, I am talking about the actual act of tripping. Usually, with my untied Converse One-Stars (that’s right. I’m too good for All-Stars), I trip a lot of the time, whether I’m walking or standing or crouching or sitting or laying down in my bed, sleeping, I trip an effing lot. So it makes me very angry and quite sad when other people trip me instead of myself. Sure, tripping over my own feet is rather funny, but tripping over someone else’s outstretched leg is not.

I … (I pause because this is kind of hard for me to say) .. I get bullied a lot, in certain classes. Mostly it’s in Physics when we have free time, or Spanish when the class is crazy with people I loathe. I hate getting bullied. I just laugh it off because I don’t like people to see how I feel. Today I actually thought it was quite funny (before I realized he did it on purpose), but when I found that out (after his and his friend’s wild hyena laughter), I stopped abruptly.

What makes people so mean? Why does hurting others, whether emotionally or physically, make them feel so great? There’s always that standard response of “it makes them feel better about themselves”, but sometimes I really just don’t believe that, especially when it’s those kids everyone loves. If they feel bad a lot of the time, they should realize how people who GET BULLIED a lot of the time feel. They … they should feel some sympathy, some compassion for the bullied, and leave them the F alone.

I don’t generally like to complain or whine or cry about my own life, because I find that rather annoying and think people should just keep their shit to themselves, but this is something that happens to most people, so I feel like I should talk about it. And it just made me really sad. Only two people read this blog anyways, so it’s not like I’m posting it as my status on Facebook. *ahem*.

Item 3: Strange Odors

All I wanted to say here is that people should contain their bodily functions until they can get to a bathroom, be in a corner all alone, or go home! I DON’T WANT TO SMELL THOSE BURRITOES YOU ATE FOR DINNER, OKAY?!

That is all.


On a happier note, I love this picture because Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) looks amazingly sexy:



And I love MuggleNet. And I love Scarhead (see ScarheadProductions on YT). And I love love love love love love love Harry Potter.

I made a few Harry Potter jokes today, to people who I knew would enjoy it, that I read off the Leaky Cauldron forums. Here they are:


Who’s there?

You know.

You know who?


When I first read that I thought it was the most hilarious thing I had ever heard in my life (at least about Harry Potter). Two of the people who I told it to didn’t even know that “You-Know-Who” was a name for Voldemort, they just thought he was “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” and that’s it. The third person I told it to burst out laughing at her desk in boring-ass(whoops, school computer! Oh well!) Algebra because she, like me, is a Nerdfighter and an awesome HP fangirl. The fourth person I told it to chuckled but obviously didn’t appreciate the Potter humor that we all know and love.

The second joke is a Yo Momma joke:

Yo Momma’s so Muggle, she thought the Floo Network was on channel 54.

The same person who didn’t know who “You-Know-Who” was pointed out to me that channel 54 was Comedy Central. Okay, anonymous person, totally divert your attention from this hilarious HP’s Momma (whoops, she’s dead D:) joke to the latest Comedy Central. I’ll just … I’ll just walk away.

And so I did.


Tha-tha-tha-tha-that’s all, folks! 🙂




PS. I pocketed the dice. ^^


~ by junkinmahcranium on April 20, 2009.

10 Responses to “pennies, nickels, dice, a gameboy, a rusty pen, and a strange odor.”

  1. Read the tags for an “ROFLMAOLOLAL”. Or perhaps just a “haha”. Maybe even a smile. Maybe a half-smile. I dunno. Just read em 🙂

  2. OMG LOLLLLL my favorite thing I think you have ever written: “No, I am not talking about that ghettofied term of being upset over insignificant details, I am talking about the actual act of tripping.” HAHAHAHA I AM JUST LOSING IT. I LOVE YOU.
    GODS, what you said about bullying … that is like everything I feel but I can’t put into words. For some fugging reason, short nerdy girls are targets. AND I FUCKING HATE THAT. And I also hate that when I tell people about how I got bullied in 6th grade, they are all like “yeah everyone is so much nicer here”. Okay, um, yeah, just because I don’t get bullied AS MUCH and I am BETTER at handling it, and violence isn’t used as often, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. As for people who are just mean for no reason, Gods, I don’t know. I really fucking don’t know. For me, instead of laughing it off, I say something sarcastic, make them try to feel inferior by using big words, and start reading/listening to my iPod. But that isn’t THE END OF IT. I keep thinking about it. All. Day. Long. RAWRZ.
    Okay, must read the rest of this now. xD
    SCARHEAD. OMG. I TOTALLY. FORGOT. ABOUT. HER. OHMSAIOFNSFS. Okay, here is the story. I watched her, back during the RuthyInside02 era, and then I stopped giving a shit about YT and deleted my account. Then I never really subscribed or anything when I made that “goldfishsadie” account. So anyways, when I started watching 5AG in late January, I remembered her again. But at that point I didn’t really have a username. SO WHEN I CREATED PASSIONATEFORWORDS I TOTALLY FORGOT TO RESUB TO HER. THANKY OU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU. The first video I ever saw of hers was “Chapter 2” where her famiy doesn’t get her addiction. ❤ AHHH BFF. I love that we have the same interests. AND SHIZ.
    Harry is sexy with that smothering look and that fuggin’ steely jaw.
    sneeheeee about the jokes. i GOT THEM MWUAHAHAHAHAHA. Who the F didn’t?!?!?!?!?!


  4. *and when I say her (regarding ScarheadProductions) I mean Lauren. I know it’s not just her. xD

  5. Good god, and I also know Lauren is her character name.

    I am so confused. I need to refresh my memory. Eck.

  7. I am thoroughly confused.
    Going to write my paper now.

    Scarhead Productions = two girls. Sisters. Amorae and Lauren. Different people.
    Okay. Okay. No more comments.

  9. I guess I’m one of the two people that reads this. (If you count yourself that’s 3!) This was awesome. I agree people do suck. I got bullied in elementary and middle school (and a bit of high school too). It will get better, trust me. Just do that voodoo that you do so well! (Blazing Saddles anyone?)

    P.S. Awesome guest post for Marissa. I’m getting a tattoo in the next 2 weeks! (Max from Where the Wild Things Are.)

    • BAHAHAHA I just read your comment on my guest post blog, and I’m laughing because it took you three reads to figure out what I was saying. Hahahhahha! Well, I’m glad you like this blog and that post! Ahh, that is a really neat idea for a tattoo! You’ve heard about the movie, right? I’m not sure if it’s animated or with real actors but when it comes out it’s supposed to be super scary.
      Yeah, so isn’t Harry Potter a neat idea? Dunno where I’d get it though. Bicep tattoos seemed reserved for people with muscles, which … I don’t really have. haha. Inner thigh tats are kind of skanky … I’m not really a skank either. hahaha. So .. back? I dunno. The placement is everything, since, y’know … it’s permanent.

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