it’s ridiculously long (TWSS?)

Hello, my ravid readres (Rita Skeeter!), all three-ish of you. I don’t really apologize for not writing in a few days because I couldn’t really; didn’t have much to say or talk about, but I do apologize that you couldn’t read any of my *fantastic* blog posts. Haha. 😀

This week has been the longest week of school so far. The first, oh I dunno, seven months of school went by exceptionally fast, and that was oh so glorious. But now, the week after Spring Break, the time is going slow just to bother me. Just as I start noticing that there’s only about two months left until that summerhaven, golden world I call Summer, time slows. I HATE YOU TIME!

I’ve always really had a problem with time. There’s too much time, there’s not enough time, I want to change something back in time … it just aggravates me.

And how everyone is always so focused on the future, never really living for right now.

I hate time. It doesn’t agree with my stomach or my nose, and that is why right now my nose is sneezy and my stomach is growling.




~ by junkinmahcranium on April 23, 2009.

One Response to “it’s ridiculously long (TWSS?)”

  1. Yes time is somthing hard to figure out. When your having fun it flys bye, but if your bored it ticks my very slow. You have to somewhat live for tomarrow, or else there will be no tomarrow. But I have trouble living in today. I have to work hard in school today so I can get on the A honor roll tomarrow. or I have to do community service today so I can get into a good college tomarrow. Neither of those are fun. Sometimes its nice to step back and do somthing nice for TODAY!

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