narrative or news-a-tive? and silence.

Our assignment for my Yearbook class for last night was to observe a scene, take notes, then in class today we would write a one-hundred-word (beginning of an) article on it. I’m more of a descriptive and narrative writer, so I’m not sure if I sounded more like I was telling a story or reporting the news. Here’s my article:

The Circle of Hallway Life

Books, lots and lots of books, all over the floor as a frantic sophomore struggles to retrieve them with the least number of war wounds as he can. A junior and his girlfriend step over the boy’s searching fingers, holding hands. The junior whispers in her ear, she giggles, and playfully punches his arm. Watching them together is a group of freshmen girls, all huddled together; sharing the day’s who’s-going-out-with-who’s. A boy with his iPod in one ear bops his head to a tune only he can hear as he strains to listen in to the gossip. Eyeing him with interest, two girls run by the boy still scrambling for his books, who stands up, walks a few feet, and drops them again.


So I’m not really sure; I like it but I don’t think the teacher will. Thoughts?


Heading off onto a different topic, today at our school we have a Day of Silence to (promote?) support gay rights. Those who want to participate can wear a (free) black sticker that says “Participant”, and those who want to support it can wear an also free red sticker that says “Supporter”, and those who want nothing to do with it will continue to use “gay” as a word for “stupid”, which it has nothing to do with and is a really terrible insult.

I’m only a “Supporter”, red sticker, because I’ve already had a week of silence this year, and today is the first nice day outside in a long time, and I’m going on a trip this weekend, and I’m wearing shorts and a nice outfit, and I’m in a wonderful mood, and I’m creating a very long run-on sentence and I don’t care, so I would really really like to talk today.

Also, I’m really pissed off at this guy who insulted my inner thoughts and feelings the other day, so I’ll need my sharper-than-sword wit to pitch his evil thoughts into the burning discus of hell.


I mentioned before that I’m wearing a nice outfit, which is basically some shorts, a white tank top, and a shirt that I stole from my at-college sister’s room. Mwahahha. But it’s adorable and I needed something summery; this is a nice coral color!

Most of my blog entries are over 700 words. I really like that. I really like just writing and writing and then looking down sometimes and going “Wow! 1640 words! I’m on a Rick Roll!”. I like that because A) it’s really nerdlicious and awesome to say “Wow, I’m on a Rick Roll!”, plus he’s super amazing and hilarious and B) I like seeing how much I’ve written and how many words I can write when usually just rambling on and on like now, oh yes and also C) I will say what I feel like saying, and “Wow, I’m on a Rick Roll!” is definitely something I feel like saying.

Class is over in three minutes. I’m going to post this then move on to the *delightful* world of Physics. Whee-whoo. (unenthusiastic cheer)




~ by junkinmahcranium on April 24, 2009.

One Response to “narrative or news-a-tive? and silence.”

  1. I like your beganing of an article. It painted a very good picture. So the silent day is a day were the participants don’t talk? is it just at school or is it when you go home too. When did you take a week of silence? What was it for? Thats cool that your school does that.

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