and the mood is good

I’m excited for many things at the moment.

The first being our church rummage sale. We have one every year but only the high school and going-into-highschool youth are allowed to participate, because their time volunteered helps pay for our workcamp(s) over the summer.

Last year I had an absolute blast. You prepare for a few days prior to the actual sale (which, for this year, is this Saturday … tomorrow) by bringing in the rooms and rooms full of junk. I like this part because, as weird as it sounds, I like to smell the items.

I really think smells tell stories better than words, or sights, or sounds. Words can be burned and forgotten. You can loose your eyesight. You can forget the sound of a voice, or of a song, but when an aroma flares inside your nostrils, it brings back memories.

Even though I wasn’t with the owner’s of these items to know the memories, I like to think of what could have made that scent. For example, I pulled out of a box a little dolly. She was really adorable (and for me, that’s saying something, because I am deathly afraid of dolls). As I sniffed her, people looked at me weird, because I couldn’t care less because she smelled of a cinnamony apple pie.

I made up a story about a little girl going to visit her grandparents:

Her name was Suzy Dolores Kurt, and she was six years old. Her mom, Janet, was a nurse at the local hospital, and was very busy. Her mom usually took her to a daycare center, but on this particular morning it had snowed almost three feet, and the daycare had closed. So instead, Janet took Suzy to her parents’ house. It was cheaper than a center anyways.

Suzy hobbled up the steps and tripped into her grandfather’s loving arm. Suzy noticed the hug felt odd, and upon pulling back, realized her Papa had one arm behind her back. “What is behind your back, Papa?” she asked him, and he pulled out a doll with a yellow dress and bronze pleats pulled back into a ponytail. Her little face burst out in a mixture of excitement, surprise, and little-girl pleasure. She grabbed the doll and proclaimed her to be Kathleen*, Katiedid for short, Katie for even shorter. Her grandfather smiled with pride and adoration, and walked out of the room to do the daily crossword.

Her grandmother urged her over the the stove, where she was baking a pie. “Would you like to help me, Suzy Q?” she asked, a loving tone in her voice. Suzy agreed, and helped her grandmother take the pie out of the oven. Together, Suzy, her grandma, and Katiedid sat at the table to wait for the pie to cool. While waiting, they made up stories to tell each other, and her grandma kissed Katiedid as a blessing.

Once the pie was cool enough, Suzy fed Katiedid some apple pie, and could’ve sworn she saw the doll grin. Her grandmother kissed both their noses, and they spent a few more hours there, at the table, talking and laughing and enjoying their pie until Janet came from work. Janet joined them at the table, and they baked another pie, laughing all the while.

Upon leaving, Suzy accidentally left Katiedid at her grandparents’ house. Her grandfather had a tear run down his cheek, and tucked the dolly away in a box of memories. Three years later, he passed away, and his widow sold the box to a local church, thinking the Lord would have her late husband in good favor.

Then I found the box, opened it up, and sniffed a yellowing dolly.

Another thing I am excited for is the return of my brother. He is coming home for a few weeks to visit before he gets shipped off to the Middle East, where he, thankfully, won’t be fighting up front. I am really happy to see hima nd spend time with him before he has to leave for such a terrible future, but he is proud of what he is doing and he is really great at what he does.

I love my brother more than anything in the entire world. We are a lot alike, and I adore him and look up to him in every way. We wrestle a lot, and I pretend to beat him, and he helps me get stronger and be better at self-defense. We talk and joke and he takes me out to dinner and understands me in ways that no one else does.

I can’t wait to see him. His flight should be getting in at 10pm tomorrow night.

Okay, that’s really all I’m excited for. Just those two things. Yippee.

Bye for now.


*named after you, bestie. 🙂



~ by junkinmahcranium on May 1, 2009.

One Response to “and the mood is good”

  1. I love your story. So detailive. Wouldn’t it be more realistic if the Grandpa just brought the doll back to the younger girl? I enjoyed it none the less. Have fun volunteering! Thats good that you have a brother you can look up to like that. Its also good that you still see him like that seeing alot of brothers like that change once they grow old. Does Marissa really have scoliosis?

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