a missing bestie

Oh, bestie. Where art thou? (Although that, in it’s original context, actually means “Why are you who you are?”. Me = Nerd.)

You weren’t at school today!

I had no one to say a quick hello to in the morning.

I had no one to giggle at from across the room in Algebra.

I had no one to write to when I was bored out of my nerd-shaped skull in History!

I had no one to talk intelligently to at the long-ass lunch hour.

I had no one to walk with to my dreaded sixth hour.

And, in six minutes, I will have no one to run with as we avoid a slightly stalkerish chick.

No one.

I just hope you’re alright, whereever and however you are. I hope you didn’t die of swine flu or break your back from stepping on a mother’s crack (is that the saying? Er…) or stalk yourself to sleep.

Feel better darling!


~ by junkinmahcranium on May 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “a missing bestie”

  1. Oh, N-dawg. I am alive.
    I’m at home! I overslept this morning, ugh, then as I was rushing around I got another fit on nausea and threw up. I wanted to go to school, I can’t miss any more days but my dad made me stay home.
    I missed you as well. 😦

    PS. LOLLLLLLLLLLL hahahahha the saying is “step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back!” teeheee.

    • Aww, I’m sorry. Please don’t miss any more days though, because even with this ridiculous blog post I was really lonely.

      I forgot to add, in the post, that I had no one to show my nooty-huggin’ shorts to! I’ll wear them again tomorrow so you can see the bootlicious magic. Ew. hahahhaa.

      PS. I was close 😉

  2. Don’t you just hate it when your all exited to see someone then they’re not there. It’s a bummer. Glad to hear that your alive and well Marissa

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