my sneak peek.

Some of you have read this (Some = Marissa.), but for those of you who haven’t, it is a sneak peek into the full-length film I am writing, called FREDDIE. It’s a rather short bit of the script, but I’d like to keep most of it a secret while obtaining feedback … and maybe you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

FREDDIE carefully places the notebook back behind the bookshelf, grabs a baseball cap and the shovel, and quietly creeps to the stairs. She quietly crawls up them, careful not to bang the shovel around. She risks a look around the corner and into the eating room, sees her mother and sister sitting down at the table, laughing; she runs out the door.

FREDDIE walks about twenty feet into her backyard to a tree. Camera is above her, looking down, and she grins. Camera is behind her head, and a figure jumps down lightly from the tree. GREGORY smiles at FREDDIE, takes her hand, and they run around the side of the house to the street. He also has a shovel in his hand and a pack on his back. They walk down the street and arrive at an entrance to a forest, where GREGORY bows her in. They walk along in the brush for a minute or two, and as they arrive at a tree stump, he opens his pack.

He pulls out a notebook, already flipped to a map. He points to something on it, not seen by the camera, and they walk along to a tree. Behind the tree is a “Q” etched out in the dirt. FREDDIE looks at GREGORY with a quizzical look.

GREGORY: I always thought “X” was too obvious.

FREDDIE laughs and together they dig. They are only digging for a few moments when heard is a dull knock as shovel hits plastic. FREDDIE looks at GREGORY oddly once more.

GREGORY: I knew you’d be tired from your dig this afternoon. Didn’t want to bury it too deep.

FREDDIE smiles at him and pats his hand. Together they bend down and lift up a small Tupperware container. It is transparent, and inside of it we see a small black box. FREDDIE opens the lid of the Tupperware and stares at the box in curiosity and flattery.  Gregory smiles once more.

GREGORY: Open it.

FREDDIE opens the box and gently lifts out a necklace. Camera zooms in to see that it is a pure silver rose. FREDDIE smiles weakly (with a tear down her cheek), and kisses GREGORY on the face.

GREGORY: (unsure, since she shed a tear) The rose symbolizes unconscious beauty.

They embrace at the lips.


Alright, hope you liked that. Thoughts and whatever below! 🙂




~ by junkinmahcranium on May 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “my sneak peek.”

  1. I love how Freddie doesn’t say a word. Who is playing who? Have you started filming? I want to know more of this!

    • Freddie’s character doesn’t talk at all. 🙂 I suppose I should’ve explained that, haha.

      Haven’t decided who is playing who, although I have ideas in mind.

      Filming starts in the summer.

      You’ll find out more when more progress has been made! 🙂 Glad you’re interested!

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