monkey island I recap, siblings, and ninjanity.

So, you’ve read my countless blogs on Guybrush. You’ve heard me babble for minutes, sometimes hours about him and his studly pirateness. You’ve watched my six minute speech on him and all his wacky swashbucklin’ adventures.

But you still don’t get it, and you’re too lazy and too broke to go out, buy the game, and play it.

That’s where Monkey Island Flash comes in handy. It’s a four-minute flash video of the first monkey island game. So if you’ve ever wanted to know how Guybrush started out (without hearing my sometimes crazy blubbering), click that link.

In other “news”, just a little while ago my sister, Kate, came home from college for the summer. She is(was?) a freshman at U of MN. Right now, she and my brother have gone off to the local southern cooking place / bar. I was left at home.

This is why groups of three friends don’t work. It’s the same with siblings.

Oh, guess what? I’m a ninja. I broke into a teacher’s classroom, rooted through her files, and stole back a piece of my artwork so I could take it home for my brother and sister (I’ll scan it next week and post it!), then made up the room so it looked like I wasn’t there. I AM AN EFFING NINJA!

Marissa isn’t proud. She just doesn’t understand.


PS. New site title, bitches! 😀 😀


~ by junkinmahcranium on May 15, 2009.

One Response to “monkey island I recap, siblings, and ninjanity.”

  1. I hope you have fun with both your sibs! I wish I was close to my siblings. I’m just a few miles away from my sister (remember i’m in Duluth) and it seams like she is avoiding spending time with me. I hate when teachers take your artwork and don’t give it back. Or if you did really good on a test and you want to show ma and pops they take it back to “file” it incase there is a big crashing of the school computers. GAH! I love your new title!

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