unschooling and early sexual behavior

I just wrote an article for the school newspaper. It’s an editorial on “unschooing”.

Children’s education; teach them what they want or what they need? 

On May 14th, 2009, there was an article featured on msn.com about a little five-year-old boy with his own cooking TV show. Julian Kreusser always liked to cook, ever since his family would hold him while making dinner.

In the interview with the parents, I learned that they teach both Julian and his younger sister at home. But instead of calling it “homeschooling”, as most would, Julian and his family call it “unschooling”. This term basically means that instead of teaching hard math and history every day like regular school, they teach what interests the child that day.

I have always really supported this method of thinking in education. Why should kids sit through boring lectures about names, dates, and numbers (usually not even paying attention) when they could be actually learning about interesting things? With Julian, if he wanted to know why the sky is blue, that would become the day’s lesson.

Children of all ages deserve to learn what they want to learn. Who are we to stop them? If they’re not learning in school, then what is the point of schooling?

About seven thousand students drop out of schools in America every single day, a statistic on the All for Education website said. Why do you think they’re dropping out? Because they are bored. Because they are not learning anything that they actually want to know.

I, for instance, would much rather be learning about other dimensions and time travel than precise dates in the Cold War. I would rather learn about French literature than the same old poems we’ve heard since second grade, like Casey at the Bat.

Education should either offer personal-interest classes or parents should unschool their own kids. It is my view that children who learn what they like to learn turn out to be much more broad-minded and liberal than the kids who don’t give a hoot.

I thank Julian Kreusser’s parents for unschooling him. Hopefully this public act will reach the minds of parents everywhere.


So that’s my article.

I also read this article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online about sexual interactions with kids ages 13-18 and the reactions of their fathers. I really liked hearing about how protective the daddies are. It’s just really adorable.

If you didn’t click that link you should go now. While it doesn’t gush about adorable fathers (it should), it does talk about ridiculous statistics of sexual behavior in teens. FOR EXAMPLE, two-thirds of teenagers have had sex by the time they’re 18. THAT IS EFFING RIDICULOUS. What do you need to have sex for? Chances are very much against you that you don’t love the guy or gal, you’re just 1) horny, 2) desperate, 3) stupid, AND 4) easily persuaded.

Kids don’t need to have sex. They just don’t. What happened to playing games in the street? What happened to riding your bike? Talking to your friends on the phone? Reading a good book? Going to see movies?

Hell, making out is cool. But really? Having sex? What are 13-15 year olds effing thinking?

Lately I’ve had no patience for stupid people.




~ by junkinmahcranium on May 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “unschooling and early sexual behavior”

  1. G’damn. That article was amazing. When it comes out, I am going to clip it and add it to my wall. gabfasdfjkasbfkjabv (brain dead) 😛 If you like writing stuff like that, seriously, pursue it. You have a talent for getting your opinion across without making you seem conceited, like some journalists do.
    And MAJOR DITTO to the bit about underage sex. Particularly this part:
    Kids don’t need to have sex. They just don’t. What happened to playing games in the street? What happened to riding your bike? Talking to your friends on the phone? Reading a good book? Going to see movies?
    ❤ so thankful to have a talented and smart best friend.

    • Thank you, my dear friend. I am mucho glad you enjoyed that article. Davidsma pursed her lips and said “okay.”, so hearing that makes me very happy. 🙂 In a non-sexual and non-lesbionic way. Ahem.

      And I am thankful to have you! 🙂

  2. And your header makes me smile EVERY TIME! I truly hope you have a wonderful time tomorow. <14

  3. I found this post in a search for ‘unschooling’. As a long time unschooler myself (my only experience with school was a bit of kindergarten), it’s great to see people in support of it! 🙂

  4. по моему мнению: прелестно!

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