alarms, whiskey caps, and green pee.

You know how in Liam Kyle Sullivan (aka Kelly)’s song called Where Do You Think You’re Going In That, Kelly’s mother says tattoos are from the devil?

Well, do you know what ELSE is from the devil?

Alarm clocks.

Why do they have to be so … ANNOYING? RAAR…RAAR…RAAR…RAAR… And my personal one, next to my bed, is defective. Even when I’m up, out of bed, screaming at it to shut up, pounding on the buttons like a grandma with a cell phone, it still won’t shut off. Lately I’ve just been unplugging the Gods Damned thing because I’d like to move on with my morning. Urg.

This morning I set my bedside alarm and my phone alarm to make sure I got up in time to hang out with Marissa and Beth. Because when you went to sleep at 3AM like I did, you know you’ll sleep until after 3PM later. So my best bet was an alarm.

But I really hate alarms. I know the point of them is to be annoying enough to get your lazy, tired ass out of bed .. but I’d like one that actually shuts off once in a while. I even tried asking politely and kissing it. All that got me was a mouthful of dust.

Ew. That sounded like I made out with it. I DIDN’T MAKE OUT WITH MY ALARM  CLOCK! It wasn’t the right texture.

I wear a baseball cap almost regularly. It’s black and it’s made of nice material, and it fits well. There’s only one problem.

It advertises Jack Daniel’s whiskey.


All I wanted to say here is that when I wear it, along with feeling cool for wearing a black cap in the first place, I also get to laugh to myself. Why? Well, I’m imagining the look on people’s faces (and sometimes actually seeing that look up close, IRL) when they see a 14-year-old girl walking around advertising alcohol. I just love life.

jack daniels gal

There was this one time a few years ago, after play practice in 2007, 7th grade. I forget what it was about, but Marissa and I were fake fighting (having a “fight” just for fun .. if you couldn’t figure that out xD). It was rather amusing and people were watching. At one point I either kicked or punched her in the lower hemisphere of her body, and she was “hurt” (or did it actually hurt?) and started screaming how now her pee was going to be green. It was hilarious.

I only mention that because I was drinking green tea and thinking of what rhymes with “tea”. Nerddom brings back good memories! 🙂



~ by junkinmahcranium on May 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “alarms, whiskey caps, and green pee.”

  1. ALARMS SUCK! I set one as well, but my DAD turned it OFF because he thought it would be nice if I got to sleep in. The alarm was set to 10:00, which is plenty of time to sleep. Raugh, dads.


  2. Tattoos are from the DEV-IL.

  3. I hate alarm clocks too. For christmas one year I got a God send, an alarm clock with a cd player so a song from a CD can wake you up instead of ER ER ER ER ER. With my old alarm clock I would jump out of bed from being scared of it and i would still be fully covered with the blanket

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