bodies of art, sibling love, my movie.

I was on the Chicago Tribune‘s website just a few minutes ago and noticed this neat photo gallery. It was about the Face and Body Art Convention 2009. I believe it was in Orlando .. or Chicago. I’m not sure which, nothing will tell me the exact. But anyways, it was really intriguing. Here is some pictures:


47135245 47135802



If you want to see more of those really neat pictures, click here.

I just remembered … do any of you recall a few posts ago when I was all “I’m gonna post a picture of little me in every post and talk about it”? Yeah. I did that once.  So let’s do it again! 🙂

katie and baby nora

laughing katie crying nora

Those two pictures are of me as a baby and my older sister, Kate, holding me. For the story behind it (besides the birthalizing of both of us, which I’m sure you all know how that works. If not, click here), I’d just like to talk about my relationship with my sister.

We’re not exactly close. Sometimes when she’s waiting for her friends to pick her up, I chat about my friends and who I like or don’t like. Sometimes she takes me for middle-of-the-night runs to iHop and we talk about her colleges and my parents and whatever we feel like. It mostly feels like acquaintance talk. 

I do love my sister. I envy her a lot, though. Katie gets wonderful grades and has amazing friends and all these opportunities. My parents love her and are always doing stuff for her. Sam and her have their own bond which I want, too.

Aside from the envy, I look up to her. I’d like to be like her someday because she really is a great, successful, brilliant person.


My movie. AGUASKDJATHAEJGBADG. I have no time for it. I am busy studying for exams, writing papers, doing art, stalking a boy, flirting with a different one, finding better clothes, driving, recording a CD and writing songs, reading a few books, connecting with old friends, cleaning and recleaning and rerefrererereEFFINGcleaning my room, and making videos! I HAVE NO TIME TO WRITE, but the movie is the thing I need the most time for.






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3 Responses to “bodies of art, sibling love, my movie.”

  1. Oooh, that body art is REALL COOL!
    I really liked the section on your sister, I am fascinated by family dynamics, especially sibling stuff.
    UGH, tell me about the time thing. I mean, I’m not writing a movie, but the things I am trying to do get so neglected with STUPID EXAM STUDYING GRR. Whenever I take just a small break from it I feel all weird and guilty and go back to it. Good thing I’ll only have to TAKE four exams next week. Earth Space, English, Spanish, and Algebra. I’m exempting History and Gym we already took and computers is a project. So that’s a relief and I won’t have to come in at all on Tuesday (1st and 2nd hour – Gym and Computers) so I can spend the whole day studying for Spanish and Algebra. Okay, why am I telling you this? Why am I telling you this in a comment?!
    You’re sexy, that picture made me laugh, blogarific, goodbye. 😀

  2. I love body art, i saw somthing simular to that on tv once. But they did it like bikinis. WOuldn’t it be fun to be a canvas?

  3. LOL well excuse me, how was I supposed to know you were going to watch it at school? 😀

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