hugs, good vs bad moods, and hoeish tendencies.


Hugs are nice. I should give more hugs. YOU should give more hugs. And not those crappy-ass half-lovin’ hugs that last half a second and only take one arm to perform. I mean the full-lovin’, two arms, complete embrace of a hug. I love those hugs. We should give more of those!


hugz. fool.

The glittery of that bugs me, but hey, it’s cute.

Have you ever found yourself in a bad mood and can’t seem to get out of it? Well I have the solution! Besides chugging pills or visiting the greatest site ever, you could do some of the following!

#1: Busywork.

One thing I like to do when I’m feeling down is busy work. I like to crack out a new page in a notebook and do long division. Yes, long division. I like to make up the largest number I can and divide it by a really simple number, like 3 or 6 or 2. Or 3. I like 3.

Or, you could do homework. It lets off a lot of the angry steam, tears, etc, into something productive that needs to get done anyways. For me, this is the only time I actually do homework. At home. Not five minutes before class starts. Cray-cray, eh?

#2: Counting Money

I love counting money. Granted, I have none, but when I shake the piggybank and hear something rattling besides my own brain, I open ‘er up and head on in. Boy, did that sound sexual.

I love taking out all my pennies and nickels and just counting. When I get my total I pour them in then out again to count once more .. just to be sure. It’s a great way to see how much you’ve scraped up from the cushions while you’re cooling down.

#3: Reading, Writing, and other recreational activities

When you’re pissy or sad or broken, or whatever negative emotion you hold, you should stray away from talking to people. Most likely, you will get into a fight because you’re not in the best of moods. So keep to yourself but don’t keep those feelings in. Perhaps you could write a story, or in a journal. Hell, you could go write a blog entry! Blogs are always a great place to rant and rave. You’ll feel loads better and people will get to share their opinions with you, too.

Also, reading is a great activity for bad moods. You can lose yourself in a story (especially if it’s a good one), and when you “awaken” from the sleep of reading, you’ll either have forgotten what you were angry or sad about, or the feeling will have washed over you and drifted away.

Some other recreational activities include watching television, doing puzzles or crosswords, or playing hopscotch. I love hopscotch. You get to do so many fun things during! For example; draw with chalk, draw on the ground, skip around, jump in little squares, throw rocks, and yell “Whoopee!” or “Hooray!”. Hopscotch is just too amazing. I can’t stand it.

#4: Sleep

Sleep is always a nice thing, and if you’re a teenager like me, you seem to be always lacking it. So why not take a nap? If you are one who has dreams, you can enjoy one of those! You can just kick back, relax, and close your eyelids to forget all you’re sad about.

Sleep is also good for getting rid of a headache.

#5: Jamming Out

Jamming out, in my opinion, is just jamming out to some good tunes. Whether you’re a country gal, a head-bangin’ rocker, an elegant Beethoven-enjoyer, or a screamin’ screamo, you enjoy music just the way you like it. So turn up the volume and jam out; dance around your room, grab a hairbrush and sing.

Try to stray away from sad tunes, though. Sometimes when I’m sad, I feel like I should just listen to sad music to be in my own mood. THIS IS NOT  A GOOD IDEA. You need to be cheered up, not wallow in your own self pity. Get in a good mood, don’t stay in a bad mood.

And hey, want some great music to jam to? Check out this amazing girl or download some grrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat tunes HERE. Or just wait until her album comes out! In a few months. It’s freeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, the joys of plugging myself.

Well, that is all the good-time-activities I can think of. I hope this list helps you and your friends and whoever’s pissy or depressed in their times of need.

“Kthxbi”. God, that hurts my brain to write. And publish. Aeeeiiiiiigh!




PS. The third part of this blog’s title, “hoeish tendencies”, is just my shoutout to Marissa. Marissa, please post that story on your blog. Everyone will love you and if you put “whore” or “ho”, hell, even “hoe” in the tags, you’ll get a lot more hits! Woot! 😀



~ by junkinmahcranium on June 3, 2009.

One Response to “hugs, good vs bad moods, and hoeish tendencies.”

    I absofruitly LOVE the list for getting out of bad moods. One thing I really like to do is watch a TV show (alert! readers of comments! This does not mean go watch TV. This means go pop in a DVD of a TV show. watching TV does not help the mood, in my case) and kind of lose myself and my thoughts in that particular thing. It’s quite like the reading one, but without the words. Unless you use subtitles. WEEEEE!

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