I can do what I want to. thanks anyways. ho.

There is this bitch who sits at the same table as me in my zero hour art class. She used to be rather nice and we would tell stories and joke around and everything; we got along. Suddenly, when two other girls joined our table, she started acting quite bitchy to me and I’m extremely angry about it. She always calls me out on stuff or says she doesn’t believe something I said, or just flat-out insults me. She makes life difficult for me and it’s already difficult enough.

This morning, she and another girl (let’s call her Patty) were exchanging yearbooks. I signed Patty’s and Patty wanted to sign mine. She asked me where it was.

The night prior I had given my yearbook to Marissa for her to sign, and vis-virsa. Marissa is my best friend and we always write long comments about the year. It’s our tradition and when you read it later it really makes you feel loved. For us it’s a thing we really cherish, at least for me. 🙂

So, I told Patty that Marissa had it. She noticed a yearbook in my bag and asked who’s that was; I told her it was Marissa’s. Then Biotch goes, “Why did you exchange yearbooks? That’s so dumb.” I simply told her we wanted to write long messages in each other’s. She goes “Why, you’re not stopping being friends are you? You’re going to see her tomorrow, right? Why don’t you just write ‘Everything I would say here I’ll tell you tomorrow’?”. I told Biotch that that’s not what we did and not something we wanted to do. I said we talked about the year and other things. She flat-out told me that that was a stupid idea and “no one ever does that”.

I have been itching to yell at Biotch for a while. I still haven’t. She just puts me down so much and makes me so flustered that the giant speeches I had thought of earlier in my mind get wiped away like Expo marker. She just bothers me so much. I can’t stand art now, thanks to her. Thankfully, there’s only two more art class periods left.

New subject. Exams are odd. They make me study at home. I have never studied or done homework at home this entire year, much less last year. It’s odd. But kind of nice. Mostly odd.




~ by junkinmahcranium on June 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “I can do what I want to. thanks anyways. ho.”

  1. Okay, WHAT? Why the hell does she care if you exchange a yearbook with your BEST FRIEND? I mean, yeah, she doesn’t know that you’re moving next year and it’s probably the last yearbook of mine you’ll sign, but even SO. We would do it ANYWAYS. As for “no one does that”, I’m sure some people do that. Some people have AT LEAST ONE DROP OF SENTIMENTAL BLOOD IN THEIR BODIES.

    I really hate people like that. They have to be bitches for no reason at all, or because you aren’t exactly like them. SHUT UP!

    HEHE, it DOES make you feel loved. ❤

    Okay, the bell is ringing now, so BYE!

    PS. Exams suck. Glad to have you in the club. xD

  2. Lots of people exchange year books like that! I guess she never watched cornie preteen shows! Just remember, 2 more days, well 1 now =D

  3. […] two in June, one was just a quick rant about bullies and the nerdy social class, and another was about the aforementioned girl in ninth grade […]

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