things aren’t what they seem.

It seems to be Wednesday, in my mind.

It seems school just started.

It seems exams aren’t real.

It seems that for five minutes on the library floor, my best friend didn’t exist.

It seems like it’s 2 in the afternoon, when really it is 6:05 at night.

It seems that my toe itches. In fact, it does not. What really itches is my nose.

It seems that I can tell the future of the past.

It seems that Youtube has been being a little asshole for the past few days and won’t let me post my video no matter how many times I effing change it. Oh wait, that is what it seems. Gods damnit.

It seems that I am hungry, although not ten minutes ago I ate a large dinner and proclaimed I was stuffed.

It seems like I haven’t written a blog entry in a rather long time, except I’ve written one every day for a month.

It seems like no one likes me and yet I have friends in every class, and over twenty long signatures in my yearbook.

It seems this entry has only just started and my brain is overfilling with ideas. Alas, the contrary is true.



It’s my birthday in exactly a month.

Here’s what I looked like last year on my birthday:



Let’s hope I look better this year. And don’t bite my lip unattractively. And don’t color in my eyebrows to infinity and fucking beyond.


~ by junkinmahcranium on June 5, 2009.

One Response to “things aren’t what they seem.”

  1. You’ve asked me to comment on this!
    So I am commenting on this.

    Also, I loved this entry, it really made me think!
    I know what you mean about not writing a blog entry even though you’ve written one every day. When I did BEDA, I felt like I wrote an entry like twice, because the rest I wrote because I needed to, not because I wanted to. I like it much better now.

    Go play Trollz.

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