abandoned, future careers, “bye to my favorite teacher”, no change, and parties.

I have basically abandoned the casting, filming, and producing of FREDDIE for this summer. I didn’t write it fast enough; didn’t think of writing it soon enough. Perhaps next summer. I’m certainly going to write the whole thing this summer; why not? As Marissa pointed out, “it’s kind of hard to make a movie when you’re 15”. Too true, M. Too true.

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about my future career(s?). I’m pretty sure it’s from exams and all my parents and teachers saying, “You’ve got to get good grades to get into a good college!” I suppose recently I’ve really been taking that seriously. I’d like to become something, someday, and I really can’t do that without good grades under my belt. While I don’t believe in letter grades and would much rather do a pass-fail method, I guess I have to go with the wind of educational habits so far.

Anyways, I’d like to discuss with you two (Marina and Marissa, my only readers! :D) the careers that I have in mind for myself: director, writer, teacher, librarian, secretary, zookeeper, editor (book), flight attendant, politician, museum guard, historian, TV host, radio host, lawyer, greeting card designer :D, vacation planner, wedding planner, cook, flower deliverer, principal, photographer, newscaster, home or land developer, theme-park character, translator, massage therapist, waitress or hostess or bartender, telemarketer. Those are just SOME of the things I could think of right now.

I am interested in so many things. I would like to do so many things; have so many careers. I’ll talk about a few.

– director/writer: This is one of my main goals in life. I’d like to write screenplays or short stories and direct movies. Film is so amazing to me. To preserve people as they are in a continuous stretch; to me it’s better than photography because you get their voice too. Some people don’t realize that voice changes. I always love watching videos of my in 5th grade because I sound so cute. I just love film and I would love being a screenwriter. To produce something people can watch and rewatch and love and memorize … just boggles my mind.

– TV/radio host: I love to talk. And apparently I have a wicked radio voice. I would love to play music for people and have a talk show, hold interviews with “surprise guests”, take callers … God, it is all so fun. I really like the anonymity of it, too. You get a voice and a personality; you get to be yourself without people judging you on your appearence. Unless, of course, you’re this guy:

This is Mark Richards. He is a jerky radio guy on a country radio station.This is Mark Richards. He is a jerky radio guy on a country radio station.

-flower deliverer: This would be a shitty paying job, but I would really enjoy it. Through my church, we’ve delivered little care baskets door-to-door or showing up at a resident’s home. Seeing the mixture of surprise, flattery, and slight embarassment in their faces as they get that unexpected gift is really rewarding, even if you didn’t make or send the gift yourself. Sometimes they hug you, or give you cookies, but that doesn’t compare to the amazing feeling inside that you just made someone’s day that much better.

-telemarketer: Ha. This one would simply be amusing, and interesting to see how the people on the other end feel. Usually when a telemarket calls me, if it’s a real person and not those robots (how lazy, sending a robot! I liked the old days better), I just yell at them to stop calling or that I’m too poor to help the starving children. Sometimes they call back. ONE time this really awesome guy fought back with me. It was hilarious. He is my role model for this career; if someone gives you shit, just take a dump into their telephone receiver. Mwahahhaha.

On a different note, school is over. I’ve said this so many times in the past few days, but it really doesn’t seem like summer because we didn’t have a big finish. When you are done with freshman year of high school, there isn’t some cheesy ceremony or class trip. There’s not really any parties, and the last two days people just leave. There’s no official BANG, I’M DONE! It’s just kind of; OKAY I’M GOING HOME NOW SEEYA IN THREE MONTHS. Meh.

Oh, what I wanted to say was goodbye to Mrs B! She is this amazing student teacher we had for Speech class. She is so cool; she talks to us like we’re kids and not children, if you can tell the difference. She is so much better than the regular teacher, who is mean and crazy, and we really love her. I will definitely miss her next year, as she’s going to be a real teacher at a separate school. Mrs B reads my blog, I believe, and asked me jokingly if I was going to say “goodbye to your favorite teacher?”. I am, Mrs B! I AM! You really are one of my best teachers (besides my algebra teacher because he’s nerdy and amusing), and it was a big treat to have you as a teach this year. I’ll add you on Facebook now! 😀

Today I went to a party. SHOCKER, I KNOW. It wasn’t one of those stupid drinking parties where everyone is waaaaaaaay too wasted to remember anything or do anything rational. It was an 8th grade graduation party for one of my best friends, Sammi, who is, obviously, in the grade below me. She is so cool. But the party was odd and tiring. I was jealous because I’m pretty sure all I got for graduation was a pat on the head and scary advice about high school. But, whatever. I had a good time, I suppose.

I just wish it felt more like summer.


PS. Oh, this is me just now. Beastin’ it up.

Nora is a beaaaaaaast.


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4 Responses to “abandoned, future careers, “bye to my favorite teacher”, no change, and parties.”

  1. I think that Marina and I are your only commenters. You probably have a lot of other readers. For every 3 readers on a blog, there will be one commenter. So you probably have like 6! Woo!
    LOL THAT IS NOT FUCKING MARK RICHARDS I JUST SAW. IT IS NOT. WHAT THE FUDGAROONI. I really like the idea of you becoming a radio host, although you’ve told me on several occasions that you don’t really like music that much? Do you think you’d change that if you were to become a radio host? Also, if you had your choice, what genre of music station?
    Awww, I’m sorry you couldn’t say goodbye to Mrs. B! (She’s married? That’s so cool!) You know that Mr. Mulvey is “sexi”.
    THAT PICTURE OF YOU IS SO CUTE! AWWWWW. Also, I didn’t get anything for graduation. Almost everyone I talked to, besides you and I, got like 200 dollars just for promoting. I don’t understand why. I mean, I guess, they survived Middle School, which is hard for most people (certainly was for me LOL) but TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS? DAMN. I got a card? And I thought that was unusually nice!
    Can I make that picture my background? /creepy

  2. As soon as you started talking about telemarketers I started itching to comment you! My mom used to be a telemarketer. (I’m now going to act like you don’t know, and hope you really don’t know this stuff) Each day they show up to work and are assigned a survery. They can be anywhere from 1-100 questions. They are then told how many they need to get in there shift. A good average is around 10 or 11, but sometimes there are surveys that are an hour long and they only need to get 1 in there shift. Some companys give bonuses if you exceed the needed number of surveys. I hope you didn’t know that, and it will help you in your career choice, which in retrospect you don’t really need to worry about now, just getting good grades.

    I agree with you, it doesn’t feel like summer. Well I guess it does more for me since I’ve been out longer, but expecially since I have been recovering most of the time it feels more like just getting out of school for that. It doesn’t help that I just went to school today to play for the parade. GAHHH.

    Cute picture!

    Can we say world’s longest comment?

  3. I came across this a week after the fact; you’re the best, Nora! Thank you for the kind words and you know I’ll miss you too. It was so great to have a student like you… who I could hear from a mile away. Just kidding. Sort of.

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