cats, nerds, books, and fuggin’ annoying people.

Blog posts will either be bi-weekly or weekly during the summer. Sorry, but I’m just being honest. I actually want to do shit this summer instead of going to sleep at 5am, waking up at 3pm, and thinking about how “cool” I was. I was lame and lazy and stupid and didn’t have any fun at all. Then I had to suffer through a terrible year (emotionally and mentally). Finally, it’s summer again, and I am actually going to make something of it.

I love cats. So much. A few times a year, my mom’s friends Eric and Erica (they’re married) go out of town. They have this amazingly beautiful cat named Mozart. He is black on the top and white on the bottom, and has the prettiest green eyes.

I really love cats’ eyes, and I love the green ones especially. The third day we babysat Mozart this time around, I just layed on the floor with him for a while and looked at his eyes. It might sound odd to a dog-lover or a guina pig-lover or a fish-lover, but this is something that is really special to me. It felt like I was bonding with the kitty as I stared at him and he stared at me. After a while he got playful and pawed at my outstretched arm. Oh, cats.

Green-Cat-Eyes Look at it’s almond-pupils. How can you get prettier than that? And the little button nose? God, so adorable. They have eyebrows and eyelashes and moustaches and little goatees … cats are just beautiful. Simply gorgeous.

Unless they look like this:

that hairless cat

Then they’re just creepy.

You know what social class is the most amazing of all? Nerds. Nerds, and none others. But there is something I don’t understand about society vs. nerds … us nerds pave the way technologically, academically, socially … you name it, we pave it. And yet jocks and funnier people rain on our awesome parade. They bully us and make fun of us and slap us around. They turn our lives miserable when we make theirs great with gadgets like CD players, boom boxes, iPods, Macs, Call of Duty: Resident Evil … etc. Also, we excell in the medical field. I bet you more than half of those assholes wouldn’t even be alive today if it wasn’t for us nerds, us geeks, us spazzes. We saved their lives with our technology and advances in the medical field.

And how are we repaid? By being squashed like insignificant bugs. I’d like to see them live another 100 years without us to aid them.

Today I attended my first book club meeting! Our book club includes Marissa, Beth, and a mutual friend Sammi. We’re odd though, in the way it works. Instead of all reading the same book together (since we’re all on completely different reading levels), we bring books for each other to read. We finish a book in a week, then get together a week later to discuss what each of us, individually, read. I think it’s going to be a great experience.

I’d also like to, in saidbook club, maybe bring in something that we’ve written, if the others write. I know Marissa and I write, and I think Beth’s written something. I think it would be a neat way to get feedback on what we write and also to spend some time reading aloud together, and sharing our own talents.

nerd readingI LOVE THIS BOY!!!

I’d just like to rant *quickly* about really annoying people. FUGGIN’ annoying people. In fact, let me write one a letter.

Dear *Anonymous* Annoying Whore,

You are fuggin’ annoying. I have declared this.  When you stalk me and my friends, you have crossed the giant line. And it’s not like the line was easy to cross. There were many signs pointing to it, and warnings up ahead, and a big flashing neon fuggin’ arrow like they have at the hooker bars .. which, by the way, is where you’re headed since you’ve ditched regular high school to be an uneducated goon. Oh, and you’re also dumb because you dismissed a wonderful book because it had “sixth grade” in the title.

You are rude and you don’t think before you speak. Today you actually hurt my best friend and that made me so angry I wanted to throw your widows-peaking ass in the river. Can you not hang out with me anymore? Thank you.

-Nora Rogers




~ by junkinmahcranium on June 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “cats, nerds, books, and fuggin’ annoying people.”

  1. Yes, cats are so beautiful. I am a cat and dog lover, but cats are easyer to take care of at this time in my life. Hehe you texted me while you cat sitted. I feel special, don’t know why, but I do, and everyone needs to feel special everyonce in awhile.

    Yes the nerds being bullied, but kind of creating society is very annoying. But the actual ones creating it aren’t getting bullyed, just the future ones are. People need to get it into there heads that these people might get discouraged from bullying and not invent wickedly cool stuff! For all we know the person who should of invented the time machine has already died cuz he was discouraged by the nay-sayers of the world!

    Sorry about the widow-peaked bitch. People need to get over themselves, and think about others!

  2. *elderly man British accent* Hats off to another fetching post, my dear child!
    Nerds are amazing, those “pops” can go suck a Beth limb.
    Also, did you make Beth’s link not work on purpose? 😀

  3. […] there was even another post, let’s see if I can find it. There were two in June, one was just a quick rant about bullies and the nerdy social class, and another was about the aforementioned girl in ninth […]

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