double-posting it(includes pictures, journal entries, and an hourly report)


I’m in a cute mood. This means that I’m in a mood where I think every single thing I do is cute. These moods are rare, and so I shall double-post it on up.

lick the hair on the eye, that makes sense.

That’s me. I’m licking the hair that is oddly placed on my eyeball. My hair is half-up in a ponytail, half down.

I AM A NERD. ❀ ❀

super deluxe

Oh yeah, super-deluxe-ponytail-on-top-of-the-head-to-the-X-Treeeeeeeeme! πŸ˜€

Old-journal time! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

March 31st, 2008. Monday, 9:15pm

Wow!!!! I have not written for-EVER! I’ve almost forgotten how to do this Wow. Last time I remember writing in this was at my 2 hour detention a few weeks ago. WOW!!!!!!! A lot, and yet nothing at all has happened.

Well…to start off, I’d like to mention that Spring Break was so freaking boring … probably the most BORING brak in my LIFE. Ugh! Why, you ask[in the mind that you, as a notebook, don’t have]? Because, I answers, as a weird and … really strange person, it was cold as ice and snowy and shite and boring as … boring as … boring as the color white. Which you’d think the white snow would be, but no. The snow is shitty and mean; there’s icy cold; the break was whitely boring. There. I’ve managed to confuse myself. Here’s a quick summary of SB:

1. I watched TV

2. I went on the computer

3. I talked on the phone

4. Danno ❀ asked ❀ me ❀ out<3

5. I watched TV

6. I went on the computer

7. I got TWO shots

8. I got grounded from EVERYTHING (here is a picture of a pc mouse, television, a cell phone, and a heart .. all are crossed off)

9. I recorded a song in semi-professional studio

10. I became addicted to Neopets

A few days and pages later, I posted our AIM conversations (me and “Danno”).

danno: ur not a lez, cause u love me

k222: i know, lol

k222: omg. lol

danno: U DO! u admitted it! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

k222: how bout this: love ya like a brother!

danno: 😦 but im hawt?


k222: at like 10 10 ish im hitting the sack. really, i have a sack … and im going to whack it.

danno: dont leave me here alone 😦

k222: you’ll be okay

danno: not without u around …


danno: can Β i tell u sumthing that kinda freaky…without freaking you out

k222: sure, shoot, why not. im a weird person i can take it XD

danno: if u ever asked me out id say yes … but iddly i dont like you like that

k222: haha really? probably … idk … same?

danno: well…if u would say yes … its up to u… u wanna be … i cant say it .. umm togeth … idk … or do u want to be friends … best friends. ill let u think about it ……….


I rejected him. I am a dirty, dirty ho.


danno: just kno this nora…kno in my heart that there is always a place for you. im not kidding. i wana enter yours. but u just wanna be bff. forever ….

There are many more entries about this boy after that. It’s ridiculous. If you want to hear more, I’ll post … but for now, I’m low on energy and it’s only 1210AM (I’m having an all-nighter). Uh-oh. Lemme go chug some coke. Maybe then the post will get better!


Why did people love me when I thought this was hot?:

"hawt" ndawg


ridiculously not hot. laaaame.


I am watching and listening to Marina on blogtv. She is talking about her Sharpies. She has a lot of colors.

This is the time of the night where I sit there doing something for a while then “realize” I haven’t been breathing. Then I become really scared that I am dead and breath heavily. I then feel I can’t get enough air into my lungs and I stop breathing. Now I am scaring myself by typing this because no air will go in. HELP.


That Nora was coocoo! Not for cocoa puffs, but effin’ cray-cray-crayfish-deluxeee. I had to restart, oh noes!

I’m watching a movie. Hot guy and porn stars involved. Gotta go mah lovinzz. <33333333 Wow lotsa love. hhahahahahah

-3:30 … I don’t know what was wrong with me there. I’m sorry. I .. I will try to make it up to you by shutting up for a bit. Maybe the loony will be shut away someplace.

-3:45 … That was a very romantic movie. I’m going to go buy it. Where is the money? The money is in the hog. I shook it out. I have $00.89. I AM RICH! I AM RICHER THAN YOU! MWAHAHAHAHAHA.


How I Got My Ripped Body Without All The Hard Work… And You Can Too! Just ask me how! I’m so humorous!

You know something that I didn’t know? Birds are out chirping at 4:01 in the morning. What are they doing out there? There is no light. Maybe this is their chill time when the humans are SingTFU.

I smell like sweat. I think that’s because I am sweaty.

Something annoying? Okay. I’ll tell you. Thank you for asking, and politely at that! Wow my dear you are quite the gentleman! I love you. Marry me! HAVE MY BABIES! The annoying thing is is is is is wow is is is is a fun word! HA! is Β is that when my hand itched, I scratched it, and then a second later it itched more. What is the point of itching something if it’s only gonna itch more and WORSE?! Urggg.

You know when I was adorable? My trip to Nashville, spring of 2007:


I was also kinda cute when I thought I was really cute. aka end of 7th grade, right into summer (you can tell ’cause I was getting a bit tanned!):


I apologize, I have to scroll down because that picture is really freaking me out.

Okay, here’s a picture I found of me when I had large eyebrows, but it is actually the cutest picture of me I’ve ever seen in the past three years. Feast your eyes:

PICT2644 LOOK AT THAT CUUUUUTE! God, so adorable. I miss that shirt. It turned on the menz.

I can’t tell if I like this picture or if I just look like a dirty, desperate whore:


By the by, by the bay, by the way, I apologizzzze for posting all these pictures. But pictures are fun and beautiful and I am piecing (HOW DO I SPELL IT, piece + ing?!) together my existence. If you do not want to participate, well then you can just go lick a piece of cow dung. Or cow hide. Nerd points?

Awww, this one is so sad! And I don’t know why!

dont cry old nora! Look at the sad crying gypsy. Tear tear down the magical cheek!


GROSS. The dress is cute but maybe if you took a different Nora face from a different Nora era .. AND DID SOMETHING WITH THAT DAMNED-UGLAY HAIR. IT ALWAYS LOOKED THE SAME.

New readers .. if I have you and you’re still miraculously there, please don’t judge me. I am tired and this is an all-nighter in which I relive the past and stitch together the needlepoint of my life! OTHERWISE I MAY NOT EXIST AND THEN THE SPACE TIME CONTINUUM(sp?) WILL EFFING EXPLODE. Now go away. NO DON’T. STAY. I’m sorry. Iloveyoudomehavemybabiez.

Nora_Skeeter02 I was Rita Skeeter! LOOK AT THE CUTENESS! ❀ ❀ ❀ (This was for, I believe, the sixth HP book release. Nerd PWN!)


I’m thinking of dying my hair one of the following:

-all blonde(not creepy gross blonde, more of this color.

-one blonde strand in the front

-brown with pink, red, or purple strand in front

-blonde with pink, red, or purple strand in front


-5:02AM … someone just got in the shower for work; probably my dad. Lucky … actually, poor guy! He’s been sleeping instead of doing all these fun things that I got to do! πŸ˜€


Guess who just woke up right now, at 3:30? ME. I SUCK.

I fell asleep watching a movie and knitting. THE KNITTING NEEDLE WAS UNDER MY BUTT WHEN I WOKE UP. Ha!

I hope you enjoyed that nighttime ridiculousness. Against all you think, I was not high.



~ by junkinmahcranium on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “double-posting it(includes pictures, journal entries, and an hourly report)”

  1. What? Those pictures are all pretty much amazing. Are you serious? TOO MUCH CUTE MY HEAD EXPLODE AHHHH.
    I have no way to respond to all of this in a normal commenting fashion, so I will select my favorites.
    That picture of you in a pony tail is amazing. Was that last night?
    Nora, I have no idea why you thought that was hot, but I am glad that I was never really apart of that phase of your life. Except when you made me go on GAIA. You make me wanna crap my pants. No offense meant ❀
    Awww man, I am so mad I missed a blogtv show!
    Okay, what? That picture of you in the tie-dye shirt with your nose and PERFECTLY FINE EYEBROWS is adorable.
    That picture of you in the red top…I have no idea. I mean, there is obviously some droopage of the shirt and you are NOT wearing CHO GLASSES, but I love your hair there and your stare is haunting in the good ways.
    Awwww look at 8th grade Nora. SO CUTE.

    YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING RITA SKEETER. WHAT? And can you see part of me in the background? HOW I WISH MY HEAD WAS THERE.
    That link to the hair color gave me an error.

    k, bye.

  2. Long blog post for the win! My comment won’t compare to the other commenters *cough* Marissa *cough*

    The pic of your hair up all High is super cute! This pictures are so cute. The journal entry was fun to read! I fell asleep at 3:45, and woke up at 11:30 πŸ™‚

    And to be political, you fell asleep, that be no all nighter.

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