the great, GREAT advantages of the south.

People are so much nicer here. No one looks me up and down like they do up north. Not even that really pretty girl who sits across the room. She just smiles and continues to talk to people with her southern twang.

I really like it down here. It’s hot, and I sweat comfortably. I don’t know what it is about Wisconsin sweat, but it just sucks compared to Missouri sweat.

THE RAIN. Oh, the rain. The rain is WARM. I can not get over how amazing this is. I don’t think I’ve EVER felt warm rain. EVER. I sat out in it for a while, but then it got dark, and I expected the rain to cool. But did it? No. It continued. It really was a natural showerhead, a true one, because the water was warm and I just felt so clean and in tune with the sky.

It lightninged on the way “home”. Horizontal lightning. Kind of like this:

That’s some really beautiful shit.

But back to the nice people thing. Bucky (my great-uncle) was telling some story about where he lives (Virginia, not as south but still more south than Wisconsin). He recalled this one time where he went into a Walgreens, but in the parking lot, someone had left their shiny red convertible running with the keys in it, no one inside, and a big purse open in the front seat. He said he came back out twenty minutes later, and everything was just as the owner had left it. In Wisconsin, that car would’ve been taken three seconds after the owner turned toward the store. Ridiculously amazing people down here. Truly.

I loved walking outside of the air-conditioned building to stand atop this hill, looking down at the campsite but also across the ridges of hills across Missouri and up into Kentucky. So beautiful. Even though they scared the shit out of me, I loved the hummingbird-sizes hornets. I also loved the actual hummingbirds themselves. Neither can be seen, at least in my suburban area, in Wisconsin.

That’s all I can really muster at the moment. Last night’s entry took me almost an hour and I think my stories today would just bore you, like they most likely did yesterday. Sweet dreams, hoz.


PS. 382 words.


~ by junkinmahcranium on July 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “the great, GREAT advantages of the south.”

  1. Hey, aren’t you supposed to live in Michigan?
    *sigh* That is the one thing I love about Florida. The nature. The warmth, it’s like you’re living in a sauna, and the warm rains. And the greenery! It’s wonderfully beautiful, the south.
    See, what’s why I wanna live in a place that is south, but not near water so it’s not social suicide if you don’t like to swim.

    I’m glad you’re having a good time!

  2. Nice people are nice. Could it possibly be due to more small towns in the south? I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ve heard there is a lot more small towns down there. The same thing would happen in my town with the car, because everyone knows everyone, and the robber would be reported, if a car would be stolen, with a name of who’s it was.
    Ahhh warm rain. I love it!
    That picture is amazing! Whenever I take pictures of lightening I can never get it!
    I’m glad your enjoying yourself!

  3. Ah, I love lightning. It’s just so pretty to look at.

    And the warm rain must have felt very tranquil. I love the way you described it.

    I wish I lived in a town full of nice people, but that’s what I have the ning and you guys for right?

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