psycho song writer.

I write songs about the weirdest things. Some recent ones include:

  • how I stalk squirrels and just want to pet their little cheeks
  • how much “I like hats, and I wear them all the time, and I don’t care what you say, ’cause I like hats!”. *eyeroll*
  • how much I love frosting and if someone threatens to block me from the frosting I will break their arm [the lyric was: “So hand it over, or I’ll break your frikkin’ arm!”  :S Concerning? Yeah.]
  • a few different songs about love when my only relationship was three hours(*) and it wasn’t really that romantic at all .. we cyber hugged and I ran away from him ’cause I was afraid.
  • how I am in love with killer plants
  • how I am in love with a ghost, and apparently am a vampire
  • how a certain Mr Dino Dude should just jam to his tunes and never, EVER give into the Man. So .. he should stand up for his right to live and not be extinct and kill the human race when it next comes along. Yeah.
  • how … *struggles* .. how much of a NINJA I am.
  • how some boy is touching my tail feathers (sexual) and ruffling them up

There are more. Believe me. I just didn’t want to scare you into leaving me forever, because that would suck a lot.

But isn’t that ridiculous? What the hell am I on when I write songs? HUH!? HUH!? TELL ME, please, because I have no effing clue.


* well, technically it was a full 24 hours. But I only talked to him for three of those twenty-four hours. Also, I don’t like to admit that it was a day. That seems too … LONG of a relationship.

Maybe you just had to know him.


~ by junkinmahcranium on July 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “psycho song writer.”

    You know who would be perfect for Keenan? Katie Michels.

    I WANT TO HEAR THIS FROSTING SONG! Tomorrow as we walk our bikes up that hill?
    Godz, I love your music.

    • AHHAAH that is so true.
      Awh, thanks. 🙂 Sorry we didn’t get to. I just forgot it. haha.

      AWWWW IT’S GONNA EFFING RULE. 🙂 But I’m gonna have me on my ipod, too. 😀 egoootistical pirate loverrrr…

  2. Aren’t random songs the most fun?
    SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. I think random songs are the best!
    I wish I could write songs, I was never a song writer 😛 I’m envious of you for that.

    Silly songs are the best anyway.

  4. Ahahahaha! This was glorious. Random songs are beautiful. You should post the lyrics for the squirrel stroking one. And the frosting one. And the killer plant one. You know what, just post the lyrics for all of them.

    I wish I was a better songwriter. I always get writer’s block, so I tend to short stories and that fun stuff. But I have written a few songs, all of which suck… XD

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