drafts? no, the window is closed, silly.

I’m copying M-Dawg. I don’t care. :3

Looking through my drafts on this blog today. They’re really ridiculous.

back in black, more cd shiz,

I am dreadfully angry but frightingly happy. Reason behind the anger? I haven’t been able to go on my computer for three days. Reason behind the happiness? I’M ON IT RIGHT NOW, BITCHES.

In short, the storm killed the little black box that makes the ‘puter turn on. So screw you, Lighting! Up yours, Thunder! I’ve got something that can flash and boom more than either of you and it is called MY LITTLE BLACK BOX. Yo!

[There’s a reason that wasn’t posted. It was scary and not me at all .. just me trying to be funny and PHAILING miserably.]

my art is wonderful, you dirty, dirty ho.

My art teacher gave me a D+ on my exam project. This, I thought, was my best project the entire year. I hate her.

[BAHAHAHAH. Way to be clear and direct, June 5th self! xDD]

[think of title laterrrr.]

Sorry I keep posting today. I’m just in a blog-a-riffic mood!

[I was in such a blog-a-riffic mood that I stopped right there! xD Imagine that.]

[rf shiz]

One Good Love
Erases all
The bitter tears

[I don’t know what’s more sad; the fact that I wrote three lines to a Rascal Flatts song and thought it could work as a blog entry, or the fact that I actually use “shiz” when I’m alone and planning on changing the title. Help decide? 😉 ]

cruel words of the ignorant

Right now I am: annoyed at the stupid people of today.

Why do people think it’s okay to say words like “gay” and “retarded” (to describe something stupid or ridiculous)? I’m not exactly guilt-free of this myself, for I’ve used it before and sometimes accidentally pick up on it. As much as I try, there’s really no excuse for it, but I say right now that I am sorry and see the wrong within.

But let me rant about the people who say it regularly and DO NOT see the wrong in it.

I was displeased to find out that one of my best friend’s father says “gay” and “retarded” on a regular basis for “stupid”. This, I pity, as does my friend. I think it’s terrible when a kid uses it, but even more so when an adult uses it. My friend has tried countless times to make her father understand the wrong in this, but he fails to realize it.

Why do people say these things? What do they get out of it?

It’s the worst when someone who is homosexual or someone who is mentally handicapped is nearby. I mean, most mentally challenged people at my school have it so severe that they probably don’t realize what’s happening, but the people who are homosexual have ears and they have brains that thankfully (or not thankfully

[Dude. That one was good. I hope I ended up posting that. I’m too tired to check, but if you remember it or you can check for me that’d be spectacular 🙂 ]

And that’s all the energy for copying-and-pasting I have left. I guess I don’t save that many drafts but the ones I have I think are funny.

I don’t like this blog anymore.



~ by junkinmahcranium on July 20, 2009.

One Response to “drafts? no, the window is closed, silly.”

  1. I liked your last draft, it’s pretty spot on.
    There was this one person on the ning who said that they put up a poster “You would never say that’s so black so why would you say that’s so gay?” for her GSA and someone went up to her and said that since their friend saw that poster they started saying “That’s so black.”
    What a fail life is huh?

    And don’t worry about the “shiz” thing, I title things in ridiculous manners when I think no one else will read them too.

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