new orleans; the only pictures? wtf.

So apparently I only took a few pictures in New Orleans, and we weren’t even IN New Orleans … we were in the bus on the way THERE. WTF? So here are some of the lame pictures. Gahh.

Tay and Nora black and white [Taylor and I, being ridiculously lame and beautiful. Ha.]

tay and nora look weird[I think this kid named Alan was being weird, and we reacted to it. Or, we’re just two skinny white chicks doing uniform selfies like everyone else. Can’t tell.]

tay nora and steven[I decided to be a creep and stare at Taylor’s nose while this kid named Steve decided to try and act cool by walking in on our picture.]

taylor and alex cute[Taylor and this kid named Alex. This was before he started hating us for petty reasons. I only put it up here because I think she looks adorably funny and he looks weird. Dis/agree?]

tay and nora super pretty

[I just thought we looked pretty here! Besides the fact that my falling bra strap makes me look like a whore.]

tay and nora sewer rats [This was after I had spent twenty minutes in the cold rain looking for my phone, and Taylor had walked around for a bit in the rain. We looked like wet sewer rats and I wanted to preserve the moment as it was. I think I succeeded.]

Besides the loopy pictures, it was a good trip. I’ve explained the events of the trip too many times today (four.) and am tuckered out. Perhaps tomorrow. Or perhaps I’m just saying that and you’ll never ever hear the juicy tales of Naw’lins.

Okay, now I have to tell you tomorrow because that sounded too great to blow off.

No pun intended.

How can you even blow a whole city? Oh, wait.



~ by junkinmahcranium on July 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “new orleans; the only pictures? wtf.”

    My favorite ones were the last three.
    The last one, you look so weathered. 😦

    The last bit made me crack up.
    *shouts to the heavens* I HAZ MAH N-DAWG BACK!
    (That doesn’t sound weirdly possessive at alllll.)

  2. Looks like you had fun 🙂
    I think the last one looks adorable!
    And I totally did not notice the bra strap until you pointed it out.

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