a story for you and some polytheist talk!

Yeah. I lied.

I sat down to write this giant blog about what I did in New Orleans, but I REALLY don’t want to. I’ve already told four or five people in detail and I don’t want to have to do it again. I was sick today and people have made me in an awful mood, and so I don’t really feel like it. Sorry!

Just know that I had a good time. 🙂

What I do want to share is a bit of a story I’m working on. I’d like to get some feedback. It stops rather short because I haven’t finished that spot yet, but I wasn’t sure what else to write and thought you could tell me what you thought of THAT. Whoa, terrible run-on sentence making no sense. Sorry. Thoughts? :

As he sang to me, I couldn’t help but think that this was all awfully lame. I’d seen it in a thousand movies before, and if not that, guys have talked about it enough. “Yeah, it’s really romantic,” they’d say, usually followed by an “it’ll get you in her pants in no time”. I just think it’s cheesy, and not the good kind of cheesy where your face scrunches up and you laugh. The kind of cheesy where you roll your eyes and wish you could leave.
But I couldn’t leave because I’m not the kind of person to just climb back into her room, slam down the window, and go back to sleep. I’m the kind of person who will sit there and take whatever’s coming, refuse to say no, just for the sake of another’s feelings.
Sometimes my own gift of kindness really bothers me. Usually it’s when people are being rude to me and in turn I don’t fight back, but right then it was because a boy I didn’t especially like wrote a song for me and was now serenading me at the foot of my house.
And my mom and dad were outside listening, swaying in the melody of his slightly out-of-tune guitar.
And a few people from across the street had poked their heads out of their windows to listen, and were whispering, probably about how cute this all was and how nice a boy he’d have to be to write a song for a girl like that.
All of these reasons and more held me back from throwing something at him, screaming at him to shut up and go home … just anything to get me out of this situation. It was mildly embarrassing, yes, but I also felt like such a tease. It was true, I had flirted with him a bit a few days before, but his reputation was nothing to be proud of dating.
He wasn’t attractive, he wasn’t funny, he wasn’t cool … and his voice didn’t seem to exist; could he be singing through his nose, or did he actually sound like that?
Finally, he had finished. I wasn’t sure how to react.
“Erm … thank you, Joseph.”
He awkwardly bowed and asked if I’d like to come down and talk.
“No, I’m sorry … I’m really quite tired. I’ll see you tomorrow at school, alright?”
He agreed. Trying to look cool, he swung his guitar around as if to put it on his back, but it didn’t quite work right because the guitar ended up underneath his legs and he ended up on the ground. If I had actually gone down to talk with him, I might’ve helped him up, but for now I just ignored it as if it didn’t happen and closed my window.
Sitting on my bed, I tossed a shoe at the window. I hoped he saw it, because that was the only sort of rejection I could handle giving him. I wasn’t angry; I was just bothered and upset for many reasons.
One, why would anyone write a song for me? I was simply a girl with a below-average face and a flat chest and the simplest hair style in the world (straight, chopped flat at the bottom, one style fits all). Granted, he was a way-below-average guy with no muscle at all and a crooked nose and greasy hair. But why me?
Two, I was already deeply in love with another boy, who I was almost, just a little, only a bit more, slightly, maybe, could it be, sort of sure liked me back. I knew this was the biggest reason I couldn’t go out with this singing boy. I was already in too far (individually) with someone else.
Three, what an awful song that was! I was sure there was only three key sentences used, and one of them was grammatically incorrect. He had tried, and failed, to rhyme many times; things like “you” and “goop” … how hard was it to rhyme things with “you”, really, and what kind of an ode to a girl uses the word “goop”? He had used it to describe my eyes, and, if I remember correctly, the line was “her eyes, so brown, similar to that yucky GOOP in my backyard…oh oh…”. It took a lot of skill and time, I’m sure, but it just wasn’t enough to win my heart.

So. On to whatever else.

I was just on the phone with M-Dawg and we were somehow on the topic of me and my polytheism. We were wondering why everyone hates polytheists and says that polytheism has been proven wrong, etc. (How can you prove wrong a religion?! Then you would be able to prove wrong ALL religions, and there would only be the one that existed! Fuggin’ rude-ass monotheists. *sigh*. Moving on.)

So I ended up on this giant-ass Google Search, starting with “why do people hate polytheism so damn much”, moving to “polytheist message boards for teens” and ending with “groups of polytheistic religions”.

I found a few. On fuggin’ groups.yahoo, but these were the only related results I could find.

Here are the ones I’m interested in the most, the ones most related to what I believe in or would like to study:

1: BeeWytched [we’ve got some creative Wiccans up in here!]

2: Wicca Teens Are Cool [lame ass name, bahahaha. That’s like saying EyebrowsAreCool72, join our support group!]

3: Polytheistic Study Group [which sounds oh-so-classy and mature.]

4: TeenPagans [very blunt. meh on this one.]


5: Urbane Polytheists [for those city-dwellin’ gods-worshippers! woot.]

I’m sure none out of the three of my readers really care to click on the links, but I put them there. Just in case.

Because guess what? ANOTHER MODERN DAY POLYTHEIST EXISTS AND SHE HAS A YAHOO! MAIL. As M-Dawg said on the phone earlier, “you are not an extinct species!”. NO I AM NOT!

At this point, I’d like to play a song for you. That video is awesome in, like, seven different ways, so I really really advise you to go watch it.

❤ and Pwns and all that!



~ by junkinmahcranium on July 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “a story for you and some polytheist talk!”

  1. That was a good story! Way better than some other people our age could dream to do!
    I want to hear the story 😦 tomarrow maybe? I can hope so!
    And the rest I’m talking to you about on msn!

    Ooooh, I’m loving this story! Very much! My favorite part was this line, “…I couldn’t go out with singing boy.” I love how she called him singing boy. And goop? HOW ATTRACTIVE.
    My favorite part of those groups? (Yes, I clicked on them.) They all have like 1 or 2 members except for the first one. 😀
    Oh man, I Will Survive. I have distinct memories of singing that with my mom when I was REAALLLLLY little. And Severus Snape is beaaaauutiful.

  3. Oh that video is hilarious xD

    But yeah, anyway – I liked the story. I love that he fell over, that must have really sucked.

    Hehe. 🙂

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