music, I’m a bitch?, and weird friendships.

I feel like writing a blog, but I don’t know what to write about.

The song(s) I am most loving today:

Bowling For Soup / 1985

3OH!3 / Don’t Trust Me

aaaand, of course, the female version:

G Love and Special Sauce / Love

All have been in my head for years. Erm, hours.

So apparently I’m the neighborhood bitch. I haven’t talked to most of the asswipes who live on this block in, oh I dunno, TEN YEARS. Honestly. But one of my neighbor’s friends pulls up next to me as I’m biking home and turns up his music real loud. I kind of glanced at him and kept biking, but he drove after me and screamed “Where you running to, biotch?”.

I didn’t really know how to react, so I said “home” and he drove off. When I got home he was parked at my neighbor’s house (his friend’s; two houses down) and I kind of just ran inside. There was a knock at the door but I didn’t answer it, and then I heard a third guy go “what a bitch, she knows she’s the stupidest one in this hood and she be lookin’ at us funny and shit .. ” or something.

It was just weird. I don’t know what I did to them but I guess it was pretty awful, because they stayed pounding at my door for a while. Like I would go out, dipshits.

I’m actually afraid to go outside now. I feel like they damaged the outside of my house or vandalized or something, but I don’t want to go out and check in case they’re out there.

My video today on thesexymacaroni was one second longer than we’re allowed. I am worried and yet excited for my punishment ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright, just ate some dinner. It was pizza. It was gross.

I was jamming to my tunes on my mp3 player while cleaning up the kitchen. Literally dancing around with glasses in my hand. Oh well, right? Well, the dilemma is when I’m slamming cabinets with my headphone wire hanging down and then BAM! I SNAP THE DAMN CORD IN HALF WITH THE CUBBARD DOOR.

I suck major bootay.

So I had to explain that to my dad who yelled at me about being careless. Then I found some more headphones and jammed again. But this time I closed the cabinet very quietly and respectfully.

My current headphones are really effing uncomfortable.

My baby’s got sauce, your baby ain’t sweet like mine, she got sauce … she ain’t that sweet, see.

Peeps were hatin’ on it ‘fore I left my comment! We didn’t start the flame war.

I just witnessed my little kid neighbor and her friend playing. They were chasing each other while on bikes, I guess, except my neighbor was on a motor scooter. Then her friend knocked her down, and she was crying … and then, as I was shocked to see, the friend laughed and BIKED AWAY. Just left her there. Looked around a few times to make sure no one had seen.

My neighbor got up and screamed “I’m coming after you next time!”. Her friend rode back laughing and said “okay”. Then they continued to chase each other.

Let me ask you a question. What the fuck kind of a friendship is that? M-Dig, how would you feel if one time we were biking near the river, I just knocked you down and laughed while you cried? Then we continued as if NOTHING FUGGING HAPPENED.

Crazy. Just … scary, really. Makes me think these kids will grow up to ignore national disasters or terrorist attacks and just keep going like nothing happened. I know that’s a bit extreme, but it’s really what jumps to mind right away.

Oh, I’d like to say something real quick. I know this blog is never really funny but that’s not my goal. Someone emailed me and was critizing me for that .. well, I’m not a funny person all the time, and usually the only times I write is when I’m in a spectacular mood, a pissy mood, or have a topic that really needs to be discussed. So I’m “sorry” if you readers want a good laugh. Perhaps you could check out this chick, she’s pretty funny. But you won’t really find a lot of HUMOR on this site. If you want humor, just leave and don’t come back. Thanks.

Oh, and I love G Love even more. All the time. I want his body.

Out of the many different types of men I like, white rapper is DEFINITELY at the top of the list.


PS. ย Green tea with grapes added popsicles are THE SHIT:



~ by junkinmahcranium on July 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “music, I’m a bitch?, and weird friendships.”

  1. I love dat music
    poor kids. are these boys or girls? not that it should make a difference, but it does.

  2. D:
    Smash their cars! No I’m kidding…sorta ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. *cracks knuckes* Laptop? Check. Comfy shorts? Check. Point Premium Root Beer? Check. Owl City in the background? Check. I AM READY FOR A NORABLOGREADATHON.
    Oooh, I can listen to these songs as I comment!
    Dayum, what the heck? How old is this guy? I mean, if he is an adult and is telling this nerdy girl on a bike that she is a biotch, there is something seriously wrong with him.
    “The stupidest one on this hood”? LOL WHAT THE FUG? How old are these guys?! I am pretty MAD at these JERKS!
    HEHE, you’ve gotten punnnnished! It’s fun to read these things from the PAST, even though it was … a weekish ago.
    That sucks about your dinner, N-Dawg!
    HAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE DONE THAT BEFORE. Damn cords! I also get entwined with the dishwaster. Not. fun.
    That is the weirdest friendship ever. IS THAT WHAT KIDS DO THESE DAYS?! I would feel AWFUL, N-Dawg!

    Wait, someone EMAILED YOU TO CRITICIZE YOUR BLOG? That’s just so … tacky and stupid! Who ever said your goal was to be funny? What a jackass! WHO WAS THIS CHICK?
    That popsicle looks really strange! ๐Ÿ˜› ONTO THE NEXT ONE!

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