clowns, my past, and faulty noodz

You guys tell me that girls really DO shave their arms? Ew! What if you were grabbing onto someone and it was all .. prickly? Gahh. Gross. Why would anyone want to do that?

My morning is not off to a wonderful start. I started getting texts at eight o’clock, and I groggily opened and shut my phone so it would shut up. I then got eight more texts, in half hour and fifteen minute intervals, for the next THREE HOURS. The only reason I kept my phone on was for the actual alarm, which I mistook for another text and threw it against the wall.

I went to sleep at one last night(this morning?), so I really really needed and wanted that sleep. Every time, after a text, I would settle back into sleep, it would go off again.

I was too mad at the person to even reply, so I ignored them. Gahh. I hope tomorrow’s better, because I have to get up and do my weekly Thursday video.

Oh! That reminds me! I think all of my readers ARE sexy macaroni, but in case not, you should all know that I’m being punished in tomorrow’s video. Last week, my video was one second longer than it’s allowed to be, and therefore my punishment is as follows: I must dress up in clown makeup with big, bushy eyebrows (like I used to actually wear them, but a tad more exaggerated) and have some sort of a public encounter.

I was looking forward to this until I bought the makeup. Now I actually just feel a bit sick.

My mom said I probably shouldn’t WALK anywhere alone dressed up like that, in case people try to kill or beat up the freak. So I’ll be a mother fugging BIKING CLOWN. This is going to be awful. Awful … but funny. I’ll post pictures, no worries.


I cooked lefsa a few years in a row. This is from 2007, early eighth grade:

Nora 20071209c Nora 20071209e

Aw, these pictures are the cuuuuutest … I was going to my first dance in sixth grade. I looked so adorable. So little!

DSC06050 DSC06057

This is the first time Marissa and I went sledding together. And the last, I think xD. Seventh grade. You know you’re jealous of our cuteness.


Here’s Nora Rogers, folks, chatting up the boys as she graduates from eighth grade. Ridiculous … the dress was kind of pretty, though.



This was this war memorial in Nashville, Tennessee. I think it was for the Vietnam War, but I went in seventh grade and my memories from that time period are rather scarce.

WarMem 02 WarMem 02a

It was pretty nonetheless.

Oh, here’s a picture of what Marissa used to look like, before … *gulp* … before the operation.

Picture 041

Nah, she was a cutie, with her eyebrow droop:

Sad Me


See, we all have eyebrow issues. 🙂

And one more to end the picture session of this blog … my lovely lady lump. Not the upper ones. The lower one:

Nora's Ass

Wasn’t sixth grade me HILARIOUS? 😀

You know what sucks balls? There was absolutely nothing to eat in the house. I looked in every cupboard, every cabinet, every freezer. Nothing good. I had remembered a big package of Ramen down in the basement, so I ran down there … and what did I find? ALL THE GOOD FLAVORS. GONE. ALL THAT WAS LEFT? FUGGIN’ ORIENTAL. So I ate that. It did not taste especially delicious.

That is all for now. ❤ to everyone and all that shit.



~ by junkinmahcranium on August 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “clowns, my past, and faulty noodz”

  1. I love the pictures. They made me laugh 😀 You’re so adorable!
    The captions make me laugh, especially that whole chatting up boys during graduation thing.


    Oh yes, girls shave their arms. It’s very popular in SoCal.

  2. AHHHHHH! That pic of Marissa looks like one of my old best friends! Haha I love how there’s a random Indian girl smiling in the back 🙂 typical. spotlight and all that.

    yeah, here in Iowa, lots of girls shave their arms. I think it’s too much of a bother as long as you don’t have elephants of hair hanging off.

  3. Oh my god Nora, you were so adorable! Squee! I especially love the dance pictures, and the one of you and Nora all bundled up. You were also tre adorable in the Nashville photo, but you looked kind of PO’d as well. I’m totally stealing the old picture idea. >:D

    Girls shaving their arms is disgusting, but it’s kind of understandable if you have immense amounts of hair on your arms. I certainly don’t do it (nor do I know people that do), but I wouldn’t hold it against someone.

    I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE CLOWN VIDEO. I swear, I will die if I do not. Post them ASAP… I will be waiting.

    • I know this chick who everyone thinks is a werewolf, and even SHE doesn’t shave her arms. My ten-year-old neighbor uses Veet or Nair or something like that, though .. it’s all so GROSS.

      I would certainly LOVE to wait to MAKE the clown video. GAhh. I’m going to be ridiculous, prancing around the city like that. Gahh.

      Okay, I suppose it’ll be a little funny 🙂

  4. The last post! DUNDUNDUN.
    Oh boy, I heard this annoying story. BETH IS A DOORKNOB.
    hehehehehe PUNISHMENNNNT!
    hahahaa a biking clown. YES! PICTURES!
    Oooh, I love those lefsa pictures. And your BANDANA!
    Awww, little adorable N-Dawg.
    OH NO THE SLEDDING PICTURE. You look cute! I just look like a doofus.
    LOL CHATTIN’ UP THE BOYS! Once a flirt, always a flirt!
    Pigtailed N-Dawg!
    NO NO

    HAHAHAHAHA the butt picture. I wonder who took that?
    OH NO ORIENTAL. Um, I know why that all of the good flavors were gone. YOU GAVE THEM TO ME. 😦
    ❤ BAI
    PS. I am all caught up now! Well, on your blog at least. 😛

      You weren’t crying! You were “aww”ing at my sweetness! IT’S CUTE. Maybe I’ll delete it, if you really realllllly want me to. D:
      YOU TOOK THE BUTT PICTURE! YOUUU DIDDDD! Oh yeah, I did give em, didn’t I? Well, we’re going grocery shopping in a few days and I put the good flava-flaves on the list. 😀

      YES YOU ARE! Thanks for the 11 emails. It was the second most exciting thing I’ve done today! 🙂

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