MY ’90s. Miiiiine.

I am 90s child, and I was six by the time they were over. If you know my parents personally, you might know they’re not, how do you say it, completely up on the times? So even after the wonderful decade of the 90s had passed for the rest of the world, it stayed 1999 in our house for the next six to seven years.

Our computer was from 1998 (and that’s the one I still have parts of today). We listened to Weird Al‘s earlier stuff, like Spam, Amish Paradise, and Jurassic Park, and watched The Simpsons when it was still funny. My sister bought SPICE WORLD the second it hit the ever-popular and ahmazing VHS tapes[of the recorder VHS system], and it came with a Spice watch, a beach towel, and three rare Spice books.

I still have clothes of mine from our 90s world. Jumpers in bright, neon colors*, usually with flowered designs, were hot. All-matching outfits, too, like this one pair of overalls I used to have .. they were yellow with a red star on them, and had a yellow and red-starred shirt underneath and a yellow and red star hat on top. Scrunchies and bright, plastic Lion King hair clips were a must-have, and there’s still a few scattered around my bedroom right now.

Although I never actually saw any of those classic Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, we certainly had a few copies on stock and ready to pop in at any moment. There were always the slightly more racey films like American Beauty, Pulp Fiction, Silence of the Lambs, and Fargo. Hocus Pocus[click the link, Sarah Jessica Parker‘s in it and she’s suuuper sexy!] was and is a total favorite of mine and my sister’s, and we always pretended to be witches ourselves and slide down the railings on the stairs, as if we were flying.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? was an obvious TV show love [we have them all on DVD now. Jealous? 🙂 ]. I was so loving Blues Clues[THE ORIGINAL. Who the fug is this Joe guy?] that I had not one but TWO Blues Clues themed birthday parties, complete with costumes and a blue paw print cake.  My sister watched, and eventually got me to watch, shows like The Secret World of Alex Mack and Sabrina the Teenage Witch[God, Harvey was sooo hot. Here he is NOW :/] and I even, at a young age, followed Saved By The Bell for a bit. Nickelodeon used to have this ahmazing Slimed! thing, which I think even continued into the 21st century. But Nick used to be so amazing, with hilarious shows like The Angry Beavers, Aaahh! Real Monsters, and KaBlam.

To this day I am obsessed with the 90s. It had a wonderful vibe for teens. The 80s were excellent too, but more for horny and sexy young men and women. The 90s was definitely the KIDS’ generation, and boy did we rule it well. The age group that knew the 90s as preteens are all my sister’s age, about 20, but I am so grateful to have been a preteen in my very own 90s, just a stretched 90s.

I am so loving of the 90s today. When I time travel, I am definitely stopping there and living there for a bit (existing side-by-side all the awesome, of course … don’t go meddling!). It is my favorite time of our history and it is probably one of the few things that makes me proud to live in the USA.

That concludes my 90s rant. If you want some excellent 90s music NOT linked/mentioned in the above rant, just ask. I know this really hot GOD of a 90s guy with cute, large eyebrows, and sexy lips to play his harmonica. A GOD. One of my many.

Oh, and I linked the shit out of this entry, and it took me for fugging ever. You’ll know if text is a link cuz it’s slightly whiter and brighter than the rest of the text, and when your cursor hovers over it a little pointer finger should come up, ANDDDDD a little window to preview said link will appear. If I check my dashboard and it tells me no one clicked at least FIVE of those links, I will kill you all.

“Peace” and love and all that shiz!


*this linked picture is a joke .. while kids in the spanish textbooks are *amazingly* dressed, this was simply the style in the 90s in the USA .. unfortunately, that is the MODERN-DAY style for Spain. Lucky mexicanese.


~ by junkinmahcranium on August 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “MY ’90s. Miiiiine.”

    Joe is Steve’s brother, because Steve had to go to college. The real storry is Steve had cancer and was losing his hair and didn’t want the “fans” to see him lose his hair and then they would have to explain it and it was hard enough to film and do chemo… bla bla bla.
    What about the Rosie ‘O Donnel Show? that was pretty wicked!

  2. I miss Blues Clues D: and VHS tapes.
    Can I see these jumpers in bright neon colors?

    Oh and I clicked 3 or so of your links…

  3. Hehe, I clicked on so many of those links. =]
    I’ve been watching movies at night at my mom’s house lately, and next time I do I KNOW where to come for suggestions!
    I miss things like Disney Movies, The Angry Beavers, VHS, Blues Clues, and so many other things. Thanks for instilling nostalgia! =]

  4. The 90’s= best ever. I loved the cartoons the most, I think. They’re epically awesome. Also, I love Hocus Pocus and Slimed! Do you remember GAS, that Nickelodeon sister channel with all the game shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple and Get the Picture? Those were amazing as well.

    As for epic 90’s music, I love The Cranberries. 😀

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