MysticWicks and a headbandin’ ho

I miss Marissa’s daily blog. I shouldn’t say much about it, because she should obviously be the one to, but I just miss it. D: That’s all.

I found a site via a woman named Cassie who writes a blog. The site is MysticWicks, and I just registered today and am currently awaiting approval. It should probably rule. It will rule so hard.

I am wearing a hilarious but adorable hairstyle right now. It is proof that hippies rule and are still cute. This picture of ME is not cute, I took a prettier one on my phone’s camera (AS ALL THE DAMN PICTURES HAPPEN .. cute ones happen on a place where I can’t upload them. gahh.) but here’s the pic so you get the gist of the hair. 🙂 I did it like this ‘cuz I can never understand how to wear those damn elastic headband things. :/


Aren’t my eyebrows looking HOT?

I have sunburn on my shoulders from the fair. It hurts, but the day was worth it … besides my upchucking over the side of a horrid ride called the Orbiter. I hope my puke is still orbiting around that asshole’s giant head. As Marissa screamed for two or three minutes for the guy to shut off the ride (as I was throwing up and all), he decided not to. All the people down below were looking at us so I know they heard us, and he must’ve too. What a jackass. Then he wouldn’t let us get off. Me, covered in bile and grossness (sorry for the image), my hair all stringy and wet and Marissa holding my arm for support. WOULDN’T LET US GET OFF. Might I say it again? Jackass. Asshole. JACKASSHOLE.

I just updated the quip of the week [Week Two] so you can check that out 🙂

I don’t really have MUCH to say. I got some new rollerblades yesterday (late birthday present) and I’m seriously loving them. After a while, though, my legs get wobbly from feeling the rock/concrete vibrations. I’ve gone out rollerblading about five times today. = <3.

Just took an hour-long nap. I want more.


❤ N


~ by junkinmahcranium on August 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “MysticWicks and a headbandin’ ho”

  1. I really hoped you slapped that asshole. That’s just mean D:

    Your eyebrows are hot, your headbandthingy is hot, your hot, and I want your glasses 😛

    o.o did that sound creepy to you? Because it kind of did to me. Oh well, I’m to lazy to correct it.

    You need a flower in your hair! It would add to the adorableness of the photo xD

    • I would’ve but I had gross shit on me and wanted to find the bathroom D: But we wrote this kickass complaint report. Well, M mostly wrote it. But it kicked so much ass.

      LOL IT WAS CREEPY but in a really nice way 🙂 I was flattered and laughed a little.

      Aw, it would. I’ll photoshop one in. 😀

  2. I can picture Marissa being her assertive self yelling at that Jackhole!

    Vibrations *childish giggle*

  3. :LOL: I love your positivity, even when “upchucking”!
    Hippies ALWAYS rule! 🙂

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