boys and frustrations.

Boys make you do odd things. And by odd, I mean go crayzay and fidget and fix your hair constantly (even when you’re across the city from each other) and always smooth down your shirt and have a need to smell good. Oh, and they make you send cute pictures of yourself to them. Or maybe that’s just me?


I’m actually in a bit of an angry mood right now. I was surfin’ my documents and came across my giant folder of music for the album that I’m recording .. thing is, I haven’t been able to record in over a MONTH and I’m pissed. I’m moving in less than a year and at the rate it’s going, the album’ll be done by effing January of 2011. I need to get it done, but every time I try and schedule a recording, I never get a call back. Gahh. Shoot someone in the eye, please.

Another thing that’s frustrating is when your knee itches, and you scratch it, then the itch goes away for about three seconds, and then it comes back. This is more annoying than that back itch that you can never seem to scratch, because that just tickles itself away. But this itch, ohhh, this horrid knee itch keeps rearing its ugly head. It tricks you into believing it’s gone and then BAM! comes and itches itself on yo boday.

Now I know why I have no viewers, or friends. *dance*




~ by junkinmahcranium on August 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “boys and frustrations.”

  1. Do they? Hmm, 😛

    Your moving?! Where? I’m curious – oh wait – tis the interbutts you don’t have to tell me 😛 I’m not trying to stalk you.

    Are you dead set on studio recordings? Because you can always try recording from home…or are you recording from home and I’m just being silly… X.X”

    …I’ll shut up now.

    • I’ve already recorded four of the ten songs in the studio. I really love how they sound at the end like that. Plus, my recording stuff at home is SHIT. Not like THE SHIT, as in awesome, but SHIT, as in awful. There’s always a high=pitched whining in the songs I record and it’s really quiet and awful and blarg. No thanks. 🙂

  2. I love this post. It’s a total smorgasboard of Nora!

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