creepers and my wardrobe

Do you want to know where the only traffic I get to my blog comes from? FROM CREEPERS. That’s right. And how do I know this? Because I go look at “blog stats” and see what people type into Google to find my blog. Here are some examples:

hairy nerd

youngest nudist preteen pics

preeteen nudist

naked hairy

hairy legs boys shorts

her hairy legs

nerdy cute

cat licking moustaches


how to make your own ninja headbands for sex

nora rogers and banjos [..what?]

lick face

hot blonde medical residents [I AM NOT A MEDICAL RESIDENT. Although I am a hot blonde? xD]

That’s all I’m willing to share. But what the hell is that all about? WHY DO I COME UP IN MANY SEARCHES FOR HAIRY THINGS?! I am offended.

I seriously need to hit up a Goodwill soon. I have only a few weeks of clothing to wear, and I’d like to look slightly better this year than I did last year [I had large, colored-in eyebrows for two months, and wore orange and black together when it wasn’t Halloween. I also wore the same pair of jeans for four consecutive days in a row, only switching it up when they had giant marks of pen and food on them. Cute, eh?] and I think that’ll start with some more clothes. Nice clothes. Pretty clothes, but not like Mudd jeans or JC Penny jackets or something [what my mom tried to buy me cuz they were “cute”. Yeah, mom, those were cute … back in sixth grade. They were also way on sale, and I wonder why!]. Stuff that no one really has and that they haven’t seen on a mannequin in over ten years. STUFF AT GOODWILL!

I’ve been going through my closet the past few days, taking out all the things that in the past I’ve said I’ll wear but never did (and never will), or the things I kept so my mom would stop yelling, or the things I randomly got given by my sister or my friends and never wanted. There’s about 25 items of clothing that I took out to give/throw away. The stuff leftover is .. minimal; mostly jackets that I couldn’t wear ALONE because the zippers don’t work and I think it’d be rather alarming to walk into school naked underneath a jacket.

I feel like I’m rambling a lot.

I just want some new clothes, some clothes that better define who I am now, because I am a different person than I was last year, last September. I want people to see that with how I dress and how I look and how I act.

Oh, and I also really want a boyman. And I’m not gonna get one looking like a lost-in-time trick-or-treater with eyebrows larger than this clown.

I’ve decided to start something new on this blog, and that is SEXY MAN OF THE DAY picture. I don’t know if I’ll keep this up, or remember to keep this up, but today’s SEXY MAN is Emile Hirsch. Feast your eyes, ladies:

Emile Hirsch

I absolutely love this boy. If you click the picture, it’ll direct you to his IMDB page. If you don’t know what IMDB [internet movie database] is, it’s this website that tells you what every actor is in (movie, TV) or what actors are in what movies or TV shows. It’s a wonderful website. And it’s full of sexy men. 🙂

❤ and all!



~ by junkinmahcranium on August 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “creepers and my wardrobe”

  1. I seem to be in the exact opposite position as you! I need more jackets! And maybe naked underneath the jacket is a new style – I wouldn’t know me and style = fail.
    Goodwill always has interesting stuff. Sometimes I’ll poke my head in a bit just to see. They usually have really cool hats so 😀

    Haha, I love the term “boyman” can I steal it?

    Also: I’ve never even heard of this sexymanoftheday. *clicks picture* nope still doesn’t ring a bell 😛

  2. Oooft, he is a piece of niceness!

    I have never had this clothes problem as we had 14 years of uniform, it’s only this coming year where I’m going to have to be in my own clothes in public all the time.

    Can haz boyman too? I hope Uni has a good selection of beauts.

    I’m creeped out by your insight into the searches you appear in.

  3. HAHAHHAA those search terms are excellent. Especially “how to make your own ninja headbands for sex” because I read it as “headBOARDS”
    Goodwill! Yes, seriously, hit it up! We were going to go, weren’t we? I don’t remember why we didn’t. Can we still go? I’ll understand if you’d like to go alone, though.
    I do like this sexy man of the day!

    HAHA so when you say “boyman” I was REALLY CONFUSED, I seriously did not understand what you were talking about. But I did understand in the end. So, you know, props?

  4. WOW i love you now because I saw the picture of Emile in a magazine…tore and stored it and haven’t remembered his name for a loooong time..stumbling on this blog has made me happy 😀

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