sundays and really sexy men

I always feel really awkward on Sundays, because I have to go to church. This would be enough of a drag if I was Christian, but no, I’m a new age pagan (+witch), and so sue me if I feel uncomfortable saying the Lord’s Prayer.

I’ve always found the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer in a big group of people to be kind of … creepy. It sounds like a bunch of robot clones reciting their plot to kill everyone or something, even though I know it’s a prayer. I always thought a prayer was supposed to be something you did when you were alone or just to the god(s). There are always those little kids that say it in loud voices to show off that they know it. I was, thankfully, never one of those kids, and I’ve just always found the whole experience to be a bit weird.

My mom is now an assisting pastor at the church I attend, and so I have to stay for two services if I don’t want to walk 10+ miles back home. So I was sitting there, reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I had to hear the eerie chanting of a weird-ass prayer. It was just not fun.

One thing I did like about today, though, was that after the second service as we were leaving, my mom and I were introduced to this one family of my mom’s friends (did that make sense? Lemme try again … my mom has a friend who has a family. We were introduced to that family. Am I still not making sense? Gah. Sorry.). The nice thing was, as one of the women (the woman’s sister, more complex things, sorry) turned toward me, she looked delightfully shocked and exclaimed, “My, you’re a pretty one!”. It made me feel really special that this complete stranger thought I was “a pretty one”. After that I was so happy, especially when my mom got me McDonald’s.

Now I’m in a delightful mood!

“A Pretty One”:


I spent two hours last night working on my sexymen binders. I’ll post pictures soon, maybe tomorrow. My Global folder is Tom Felton; my Spanish folder is Tobey Maguire; my English binder is Shia LaBeouf(*dies*); my Photography is Mr Sexyman Emile Hirsch, who was yesterday’s SEXY MAN OF THE DAY; my Geometry binder is Will Smith; my Chemistry is Amir Blumenfeld; and my homework binder is G Love. They look really excellent. 🙂

Today’s SEXY MAN is none other than John Stamos. You know him from Full House but I know him as the man who has never failed to be sexy in the last twenty five years. I don’t know how he does it, but he still looks as young and hot as he did in the first few seasons of Full House. Gahhhh. Eat him up, ladies:




~ by junkinmahcranium on August 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “sundays and really sexy men”

  1. Om nom nom.
    I’m rootin’ that Global folder specially with those new photos the Kai ones. *dies*
    Bugger, I still haven’t written my song.
    I’m actually rubbish.
    Tomorrow I’ll have to get properly into the thinky then singy zone.

    Good blog pretty one.

    • GAH I didn’t see those Kai pictures until now .. well, maybe I’ll add those to the back 😀 😀

      NO! WRITE IT NOW MISSY! I know it’ll rule, no matter if you sing like a dying cat or your words don’t rhyme for shit. But I know none of this will be true, it will be so amazing. I am so looking forward to this week, even though none of you are! 🙂

  2. OH WOW, he is smexy. Lol, I’m really diggin these sexy men of the day thing. It’s kind of hilarious actually.

    D: That must be torture to be put in such an uncomfortable position every week.

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