a complete pig.

I’ve decided. I’m a pig. A slob. Someone who needs a maid or needs to pick up the Lysol and get cleaning. Someone who walks into her room and the air that rushes back is not sweet and inviting (no matter how many times she sprays Febreeze around). Someone who is disgusted at her own disgustingness.

I have FOURTEEN dirty dishes in my room right now. Seven of them are plates with cream cheese still on them (or is that milk? I’ll never know.), two are bowls with bits of cereal clinging to the sides, and the remaining five are glasses, one of which is growing something on the inside.

This is truly revolting. And I’m sure you three readers really wanted to hear about it (apologies), but I felt I needed to share this with you. What can I do? I’m really lazy and the only time I have motivation to clean is when I’m insomniacing my way through life at four in the morning (the time when I’m wearing a lot of clothes and blankets because I think the Nazis will find me otherwise, and moaning things like “Loraine, he’s your future son, don’t kiss him, that’s gross”, and flinching every time the breeze from the open window moves a piece of lint because I think it’s a spider … a frightening time.), which is not an excellent time to clean.

So, commenters, what the hell can I do? :/ It’s driving me insane.

My sexymacaroni video is up! Yay šŸ™‚



~ by junkinmahcranium on August 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “a complete pig.”

  1. Just clean, school starts soon and you want to start the year off fresh, no?


    Blast the music up and just start cleaning and dancing.

  2. Bahaha! My room is the exact same way. Unfortunately, though, my parents force me to pick it up every morning and make my bed. But I always forget to bring down glasses and bowls and stuff… once I left a half-full glass of juice on my nightstand, and it grew some sort of greenish mold. To say the least, it was disgusting.

  3. Can I please say the thing I really really want to say? “GROSS!” Hehe, okay, done.

    I WILL CLEAN YOUR ROOM. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I WILL CLEAN YOUR ROOM. You wouldn’t even have to pay me money, just in drawings! 2 drawings per hour? Or even one! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  4. You could let M do it, or if that isn’t what you want to do, then just work really hard on one section of your room once a week (or more if your sections are really small) Bring dishes down every night at a set time, and just continue to do weekly sections, that is what worked for me!

  5. . .

    My room might be cluttered but I couldn’t stand to have dirty things lying around.
    I’m ashamed of you! *le gasp*

    Actually, I know plenty of people who live like that, as long as you clear up before the mice arrive it’s ok by me.

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