at the bestie’s.

I want to say right off the bat that I’m really sorry if I offended anyone with my many Jesus entries. I do get that a lot of you (if not all of you?) believe in Jesus and God and stuff. Sometimes I’ve just got a rant and apparently, a lot of the time, it’s about Jesus. I never meant or will mean to offend anyone. Just tell me if it ever gets to be TOO MUCH.

Right now I’m at M-Dig’s house, as the rest of my family is going to Minnesota tomorrow morning (my first day of tenth,  no less) to move my sister into her new apartment. They’ve been buying shit for months and at the moment they are most likely putting stuff into the moving van. I’m pissed I can’t go. I asked to ditch school, but no. Damn.

Although you’re untrue I’m attracted to you all the more, why do I need you so? ba da bah!

Marissa just directed me to some of her favorite porn sites.  Ahh. And now she is listening to some excellently written music, one of her favorites, I’m sure (since she knows all the words), “Bellydancer” by Akon. Ridick.

Now, I’m gonna go to sleep filled with Butterfinger and M&Ms. I’m so damn healthy.

Today’s SEXY MAN is my man, G Love.:



~ by junkinmahcranium on August 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “at the bestie’s.”

  1. Sorry, but the picture is a fail :[
    Don’t let sleepover shenanagins keep you up to late!

  2. There is too much man. Well too much sky. I canny see him!

    You didn’t offend me, I found it funny, the Jesus thing, though it was pretty ranty.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA BELLY DANCER. Oh, man, what a night.
    Marina, no no, we went to sleep at 9:45ish.
    N-Dawg, that picture has potential to be sexy but alas, all I can see is a hat.
    You just yelled in from the other room, “THERE’S A SEQUEL TO CAMP ROCK?!” Apparently!
    That guy is STILL out of the shower. I want to SHOWER MYSELF.

  4. Oh damn! I likey his hatty 😛

    And he is a very nice looking man.
    (I clicked “open image in new tab” to see so I don’t know what those girls are talking about)

    That Jesus stuff? All cool with me, 😛

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