this post sucks ballz. ignore it.

I feel like I can’t really write much because I don’t want to go over what I’ve already talked about in full detail in my personal journal, which is why I’ve had shitty posts for the past week or so .. and less posts than usual. Even if I didn’t have a journal I doubt I’d want to share. I am sorry for this, and I’ll try to save something for you guys that’s remotely entertaining. Let’s start that now, eh?

I got a Dailybooth. Yaaaay. 🙂

I just got back from watching Definitely, Maybe. That is one great film. It takes place over a decade or so, from ’91 to present day. It’s complex but simple, intriguing and stimulating, and really unexpected. I recommend this movie entir-

WHAT the fuck am I doing? I am not a movie reviewer. This is my effing blog.

God.  I have to go. Sorry guys. ❤



~ by junkinmahcranium on September 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “this post sucks ballz. ignore it.”

  1. HAHA a possibly related post to this is about a Midnight Carnival. Can we go to a midnight carnival, N-Dawg? What does one do at a carnival at midnight? Is there bobbing for apples?
    Anyways, awww, you can review movies if you want! I’ll certainly read them! 🙂

    I did NOT ignore this post. MWUAHAHA I AM SUCH A BADASS.
    Anyways, yes. Wait, I have nothing left to say.
    God. I have to go. Sorry N. ❤
    Okay, bye. "Laterz."

  2. How could I ignore it, you’re still my friend even if you don’t want me to read it.

  3. I ignored your request to ignore your post. 😛
    So would that make Ryan Reynolds the sexy man of the day?

    I love that movie by the way. It’s so cutesy

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