piggy tails and assholic … assholes [vocab fail].

I have been feeling rather confident these past 1.5 weeks at school, and it’s not because I’m doing well (although I am; I’ve turned in basically all of my homework so far, and there’s been a lot … quite different from past years where I didn’t give a shit and didn’t do the homework and called a teacher a dick to his face and blahdy blahdy blah. I’ll reserve all that shiz for another blog post. 😀 ) or something. It’s simply because I have nicer clothes and I feel prettier and that gives me confidence.

As I’ve said many a time before, my metaphorical self-confidence gas tank has been riding on “LOW EFFING FUEL”, or even “EMPTY” for quite some time (sorry to tangent off again, but I didn’t used to be like this. When I was butt-ugly with an almost-unibrow, I had self-confidence up the wazoo. It was when I started plucking, thank the gods, and cut my hair in a cute way, that I started becoming self-conscious. I think that is really weird; once I started looking nicer I was more worried, but when I was unaware and looked like a Halloween mask, I was fine. WTF, world, WTF? Anyways. Continuing … ), and I didn’t really enjoy that. So this summer I got a lot of clothes from either Goodwill or friends or my sister, and I am feeling really excellent about it. When I am wearing something pretty, I feel so much more pretty and appealing, and I feel like I dominate all those chicks wearing sweatpants and athletic T-shirts. HA, CHICKS. HA.

I woke up about a half hour ago from a nap. I have never really taken a nap before. It was nice and all, but it left me more tired and achy for sleep than I felt before the actual nap. :/ But I needed that two hours, porque I was talking on the phone for a few hours last night .. to a boy. Whoa, did I just subconsciously use Spanish in my sentence? Sorry, guys. “Porque” means “because”, not to be confused with “Por que?” which means “Why?”. So if you’re arguing with someone and they ask you why you did something (Por que?), you can be all “Porque!” and then they get the fun job of “Por que porque?”, which sounds rather humorous.

What the hell am I going on about? Is this what happens when I don’t seriously blog for a week or two? I flip out and educate my viewers on amusing spanish words? Gah. I’m so sorry, guys. At least this post is more than a hundred words, for once! 🙂

I wanted to talk about a lot today, actually. The first being PIGTAILS. Whenever I wear pigtails (which unfortunately isn’t much because they don’t look good with some clothes and .. blah.), I feel strangely badass. Don’t ask me why. I can’t explain it. I realized this basically last night when my poor neck was getting sweaty and I needed to fix that. Instead of putting my hair in a ponytail (which looks just plain awful, let me tell you), I grabbed two sets and put ’em in piggies. AND THEN I LITERALLY FELT LIKE A NINJA. Please, no “sheeee’s a niiiinja” jokes (song available for download NEVER, by the way); I really felt like I had all the effing Badassity in the world. If I’m ever going on some crazy jungle mission at night with someone, preferably a boy, I will most definitely wear pigtails.

OH! I KNOW WHY I THINK THEY’RE BADASS!!! I used to love (and secretly still do :3) this one movie that was really awful called “Catch That Kid”. It’s about these three kids who magically break into some vault thing. It’s weird but it’s an amazing movie. Anyways, the female lead, as she’s hanging off the side of tours and crawling through ventalation ducts (is that the term? Too tired to care.) WEARS EFFING PIGTAILS. CHECK THIS SHIT OUT:


I am so sorry for this awful post. Moving on to something that is not exactly a nice subject, but whatever.

So today we had homeroom, which we have literally once or twice a year. This time it was to a) vote on who should be our class president and b) the homecoming court. I’ll talk about both in detail, believe me, but one at a time.

A) Class President

The two candidates for class president were a boy and a girl. The girl is semi-popular, but she’s not really a bitch. She’s an all-around alright person who might actually help our class out (with what little priveledge the Prez actually gets). The second, however, is this assholic boy. He was, in fact, one of the kids I’ve mentioned before who would bully me in my Algebra class (about my videos or whatever; when they ran out of videos I’ve made to laugh at, they just bullied me in general). His lame-ass bio was all shit. “Hi, I’m Jack, and I know that I’ll be a really great addition to the student council. I know how to have a good time and I know the students pretty well, so I can really make a difference. I’m a good person and I have experience with this sort of thing. Vote for me, blah blah blah.”

Well, that’s all nice and all, Jackarooni, but you sir, are an asshole.

I was so angered by the fact that he was running (and his bullshit bio was fooling a few innocent girls in my class) that, instead of just circling the girl’s name furiously and being done with it, I wrote a little message next to his name.

“This kid is an asshole. A pompous, bullying asshole. Everything he’s said here is bullshit. He is the kind of guy who makes fun of special ed kids for fun … probably the type of “good time” he’s talking about. I’m not voting for him because of this, and I hope in the future the teachers won’t be so blind to jerks like him.” There was a bit more, but I don’t remember it .. but that’s the basic jist. It just made me so mad, and thinking about it now, I just .. SHAKE with anger.

I hate it how he’s conning the large part of the student body (that doesn’t know him) into thinking he’s some good, nice, well-rounded guy with morals who can legitimately help out our grade, when he’s a fat, ugly bully who deserves to be trampeled on by the force of eighteen thousand elephants. I hate him and all of his stupid friends. The people who know him will only vote for him because “oh, he’s so funny!”, and the people who don’t know him for vote for him because “well, he says he has experience, and he’s going to make this year fun, doesn’t that sound nice…”.

I wish I could get the word out about his true self somehow, but I don’t want to come off looking like some jealous bitch. Ugh. I guess I just have to live with this awfulness and cross my fingers that he doesn’t win. But he will, I know it. Thankfully, as I said before, our Prez doesn’t get much power or say anyways; it’s mostly just a popularity contest.

B) Homecoming court

Everyone in our school knows that no one takes homecoming court seriously. People just nominate others for funny jokes with their friends or for jokes out of plain cruelty, and I know the girl in my homeroom who nominated me certainly wasn’t my friend, and the seven assholes who giggled while raising their hands at my name weren’t my friends. I am so sick of this.

These kids also nominated a mentally challenged kid, and a boy in our class with no friends. I don’t get it. What is so fun, what is this thrill, that you get from tormenting others? People who have never talked to you (or talked to you once in hopes of becoming friends but you instantly turned them away), people who haven’t done anything rude to you, ever .. and you just make their day that much more sucky. I .. I don’t even know what else to say. :/

*bigsigh* Well, thanks for putting up with all of those 1375-ish words before these. Bye for now. 🙂



~ by junkinmahcranium on September 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “piggy tails and assholic … assholes [vocab fail].”

  1. Is that that film where at the beginning there is something about the guard dogs and a german order control word… I think I’ve seen that. It was terrible.

    OH at first I thought the bunches might be like, Spinelli from Recess, she’s badass.

    The homecoming court is an idea I’ve seen in so much film and tv and even read about. It sounds pointless. The only good version ever is in mean girls and the book boy meets boy.

    I’m glad you blogged again.

  2. Ugh people! You have us though and you can rant about how they are assholes all you want.
    Have you told them to fuck off yet? Or would that just make things worse?

    I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT MOVIE! I watched it once when I was younger – I don’t remember how old I was though. o.o”

    Pigtails are adorable 🙂 I love them!
    (hehe back tracking comment)


    That’s awesome that you’re feeling confident in school. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t quite gotten to that point just yet. I’m making straight A’s and all, but I really don’t know anybody. Like, at all. I’m kind of really terrified when I’m at school mainly because I have nobody to talk to. I hope it improves soon, cuz it’s a really suckish feeling.

    The way people treat homecoming court can be really dumb. I reallllly hope they don’t do that at my school… they haven’t really talked about it much yet. But every single girl is making a huge deal out of the sorority, which I also find idiotic. I’m just not much for them.

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