procrastination and that fucked up kid in math class.

Yesterday in the library, I think I was drugged up or something … I wrote this draft and – thankfully – forgot to post it.

The sound of awful gagging just came from a far corner of the library, followed by coughing as if trying to free a nasty liquid from the throat. I think some kid just threw up.

This man is staring at me as the sounds of Meebo go off and I hum “Education Connection” to myself. He can just go suck a mother. WOAH. I DID NOT MEAN FOR THAT TO BE SO HARSH AND SEXUAL. My apologies.

Why would any of you want to hear about some guy regurgitating his bile (SORRY.) or a man sucking a mother? What was wrong with me? I don’t know. I’m sorry.

SO! There is this dickhole (man, I have harsh language. It comes up now and then, but it’s progressed in crudeness since school started, emulating with those stoners and druggies who seriously must lick the insides of toilets, they have such potty mouths. OHMYGOD AM I ONE OF THEM MINUS THE DRUGS? Shizzz.) in my geometry class, who sits next to me. His name is Rider. Who the fuck (gah!) names their kid RIDER? You know what, I don’t even want to know.

Anyways, Rider insists on using every bit of his strength (that he obviously isn’t using to focus on math, as he sleeps while she’s teaching) to piss me off. A lot of the time I am really cool about it, but lately, I have been swearing at the kid. He always says really stupid and annoying things, like “”Ohmygodohmygod are you going to see the new Twilight movie? Let’s go together. Did you know that I’m really annoying sometimes? I think some time later in my life, I’ll be so annoying that I’ll just go beserk, and then you’ll hear about it and just go crazy. Yeahyeahyeah.”, and I say something like “If you keep talking like that, you’ll be dead long before then”.

I don’t know … I don’t describe him well, but he’s just fucking psycho. Truuuust me.

Ohmygod I need to put a lid on all the “fuck”s. In that one Jesus entry, I totally went apeshit about it and just let loooose. I think that’s when they started popping out of my pothole more.

Okay. A boy is going to call me back, and while I wait, I am off to watch Boy Meets World on SurfTheChannel. :3



~ by junkinmahcranium on September 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “procrastination and that fucked up kid in math class.”

  1. Oh my! I loved Boy Meets World 😀
    And that kid Rider?
    Sounds like one of my cousins (not the cute ones I blab about) who bugs me on purpose. 😛
    Take pride in the fact that (thankfully!) you are not related to him. 🙂
    And because of that,
    You should slap him.

    Are you assigned to sit next to him or something?! D:

  2. Ahhh, Hazel was saying the other day “Nora swears a lot”… can’t say I actually noticed.
    That guy sounds like a dooche you have every right to be rude to him 🙂

    Thank you for not expanding on the bile.

    Education connnnnnection, BITCHEZ. That song is amazing. I actually am going to go put it on before I finish this comment!
    Ahhh, beautiful.
    I am seriously alarmed at this kid’s love of Twilight. I mean, does he like it or hate it? I bet he seriously likes it.
    Can you secretly take a picture of him? I WANNA SEE HIM HAHA.
    A booooooy is going to call yoooou. 🙂
    Was it L or J?
    (If you get the distinction, I will love you forever.)

  4. I think I know what you mean with the physco boy. There is a boy in my grade, who does that to everyone. The only way to get him to shut up is to talk about how annoying he is right to his face, but to another person as if he isn’t there. Nothing like major, but just enough for him to act like he isn’t listening. Yesterday in English he talked through the WHOLE class, while sitting behind me. The teacher ignores him, but when the girl sitting next to me turns her head and tells him to shut up, she gets in trouble, and she wasn’t even yelling it or anything, just a normal conversational voice. GAH! I hate annoying boys.

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