maybe it’s a generational thing

I feel bad for my mother. All her phone conversations are about pastoral things, and all mine are about boys and gushiness and love and funny things. She must be bored out of her skull.

Maybe it’s a generational thing.

It was so weird. On Sunday when I was at my mom’s church (as I am now referring to it as, just so you know), I saw a bunch of Halloween decorations. You know, the usual; pumpkins and bats and spider webs. But also .. witches and ghosts. YEAH. What?

Apparantly the Christian religion has now accepted witches into their ways of celebrating. The last time I checked, Christians frowned upon Harry Potter because he (and Jo Rowling, and etc) was promoting Wicca (which is bullshit, but that’s another rant, another day).  So I was throroughly confused. Are they okay with Wicca now? I thought they believed that people go to heaven, not stay behind as ghosts, so maybe they’ve changed their ways? I’m afraid to ask.

Just got home from a friend’s house, at 10:48, on a school night. Should I feel like a badass, or a normal kid? Or just some lame-ass nerdy white chick who thinks she’s cool? All of the above? I don’t know.

I giggled too much there. I don’t need to giggle. I don’t even think I found one damned thing funny. Why was there giggling?

I’m in an odd mood.

I got some nice posterboard from school and I’ll be doing pastel works to hang on my wall in my new room. I might make M and Merch and Marina some. And Liz, if she’ll email me her address. In the UK. That’s just amazing. GAH.

Sexy man of the day is David Gallagher. He’s from 7th heaven.

This is just plain melt-in-your-mouth hotness. Guhhaklohumm. That was my drool.

Oh hey? The song I love most right now. Go there. You willn’t(HELLZ YEAH MAKING A COMEBACK.) regret.




~ by junkinmahcranium on October 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “maybe it’s a generational thing”

  1. :O wont it cost bazillions to send it in the post?
    If you do do one just get a good photo of it (I know it’s not quite the same) and then I’ll print it off?

    Phone calls about boys beat those about church BY FAR!


    Well, I don’t think your mom is bored out of her skull, I mean, that’s like her passion, right?! Someone like Amanda Cummings might be bored if we were friends and I told her all about how much I love words (hehe passionateforwords puns are the bomb), she might think I was bored out of MY skull. RIIIIGT?!

    Were you giggling because you thought you should or did you actually find her/things funny because of the odd mood? xD


  3. Speaking of your Mum’s church…
    I have found that Christians and Christian churches come in all shapes and sizes. There are some that still burn Harry Potter books and who seem to believe that all pagans are devil worshipers who eat babies etc!
    At the other end of the scale there do exist Christian Witches and Christo-Pagans who happily blend aspects of Christianity and Paganism in their beliefs and practices. I have a lot of admiration for such people.
    Most Christians are somewhere in the middle and when they realize that not all Pagans are evil they try to find ways to incorporate that into their beliefs.
    Respect to your Mum’s church for not being totally anti Halloween. Samhain (as pagans call it) is a deep and meaningful celebration with more than a few links and parallels to Christianity.

  4. I would just like to say, on your banner, with the two big pictures you look like you’re going AWW-oooh.
    DAVID IS VERY HOTT! But melt in your mouth? Now that’s a little creepy, if you ask me.
    That would be amazing! I need some more N-dawg artwork on my wall!
    I think the phone thing is more of an age thing than a generation thing, I mean most grown-ups get married and stop talking about boys and that stuff like a teenage girl to their friends. I don’t think our generation will be any different, other than maybe we will have more conversations just for the heck of it.
    THat is really weird that your mom’s church has that stuff!

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