megacrushin’ on a boyyy. :)

Well now! Two of my best friends are advancing sexually and hearing about it just makes me giggle.

I have a crush. It’s not even a high-school-level crush .. where I flirt with him or just think he’s cute or want to do anything sexually with him. Cuz I don’t. I am just giddily obsessed, writehisnameonmynotebooks crushing on this boy. When I talk to him, I literally can’t stop giggling [which makes me look absolutely DERANGED. :/ ]. When he texts me and I see his name light up on the outer screen, I literally scream and am freaking out as I flip open my phone.

I’m almost like Helga Pataki to Arnold[Hey Arnold!] in that regard, minus the unibrow(but I certainly used to have that) and the shrine in the closet. But I’m close to that, really. There is currently three pages of my Global Studies notebook holding his name.

I would love to talk to him normally. I really would. But there is something wrong with my cranium. There is some junk in mah cranium. Seriously.

I’ve been drinking tea a lot these past .. two .. days. I’ve drunk/drank/drinken/whatthefuck is the past tense of drinking/droonkin(THAT’S IT) seventeen cups of tea. That is preposterous.  And I don’t drink it normally, either. It’s usually so hot so I .. ohmygod, here comes the creepiness that is me .. ball up a tissue and dip it in and suck on the tissue. No shit. The tissue is a nice texture but I also get the yummy taste of apple cinnamon tea-


Sexy man of the day is Will Friedle, and he’s the sexy man of the day a) because I’ve been seeing him an awful lot lately (not in person, I wish, but because I’m watching Boy Meets World online and he’s a main character), b) he’s the only one I can think of right now, and c) HE’S SUPER MEGA SEXY CHECK THIS SHIT OUT:

I mean, could you GET any sexier? He probably could, just by stripping off some of that-

OHMYGOD I AM SUCH A LITTLE CREEP. I need to go now. I love you all. Kind of. Sometimes.

Liz, I would like to send you a letter. Would you like to email me yo address, or is the fact that I’m super weird and also that I’m asking for it too much of a giveyoumyaddress-turnoff? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m sorry. My email address is .

❤ and shiz!



~ by junkinmahcranium on October 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “megacrushin’ on a boyyy. :)”

  1. Maybe someone spiked your tea 😛

    Haha, crushing, that sounds fun.
    I hope you can work around the whole giggling bit and talk to the poor boy.

  2. It’s not strange. I’ve been meaning to do the same for AGES but right now I haven’t the inspiration.

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