SILLY NORA. trix are for pigz.

I’ve totally been writing November 1st on all my papers today, including my journal. No wonder I got confused .. I was like, in my head, “Okay, Saturday was Halloween, the thirty-first, but I wrote a blog on Sunday saying it was the first in BEDN, November, and now today it’s the first .. how did this happen? Did they add another day onto October? Now it’s thirty-two days? What the hell!”. You don’t even know how crazy this made me, til I got a text and read the date received and it told me the second. Fail.

Wow, that paragraph was really boring. I’m sorry.

Today, we had an assignment in English to write a paper in fifteen minutes. We had three prompts but I chose “the most intriguing thing I did on my fall break” (chose it because the others were opinion pieces and I couldn’t remember my opinion, fail x2). Unfortunando, the most exciting thing that happened to me over break had to do with my megacrush, and I was NOT about to gush for four paragraphs about HIM. So, instead, I wrote about sitting in my dark room, watching Ugly Betty, and sipping tea. No shit. But I sold it like a fugging Twilight movie. It was crayzay. I better’ve gotten a million percent.

I am stupid. I am crazy. My guyfriends can’t get close to me because then it’s too close but other guys don’t get close because I drive them away. What the hell is wrong with me? D:

Enough self-pity; damn that one point five sentences.

Going to go watch Ugly Betty and plan something cute to wear tomorrow. I love you guys. ❤ Sorry for the shittastic post. Will make it up tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. /obnoxia



~ by junkinmahcranium on November 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “SILLY NORA. trix are for pigz.”

  1. Mah, people are confusing, it’s so much easier to just ignore them xD


    I love listening to people gush about other people, I think it’s adorable ❤

  2. This blog should be for the gushing.
    Boys and friendships used to confuse me so much.
    It’s the school atmosphere and at 15/16 boys are SO immature.

    That date thing happens to me all the time, where looking back you were acting like a complete idiot (not you, like, ME, or in general) but at the time you’re sure that the confusion is justified.
    Did you describe the flavor of tea in your essay? Brand, too? I wanna know.

    That is, in fact, a shiz load of double-youz.

    As for the paper you could have written… you could have titled it: Kee1230, a whirlwind romance.
    Do you mind that I wrote that in a comment? Does it give it away? SHIZ WHAT IF EVERYTHING TOPPLES OVER BECAUSE HE READS THIS AND KNOWS? Oh god, I am literally terrified that I am going to screw this all up and then OUR FRIENDSHIP WILL BE OVER and oh god. I’m just going to do it, you can delete it if you want. ://///

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